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Announcing a new EA-Aligned org to promote effective giving by leveraging the social influence and resources of professional and celebrity artists. 


Hello EA Forum!

My name is Fernando. I’m a professional ballet dancer who’s excited to announce the launch of our new organization, Artists of Impact! We promote effective giving by leveraging the social influence and resources of professional and celebrity artists. 


Modeled largely off of High Impact Athletes, we help professional artists understand the power of effective giving and the importance of thinking critically about using their platform and resources to have a greater social impact. We connect them with EA-aligned organizations that they resonate with, support their high-impact donation and advocacy efforts, and leverage their platforms to inspire their fans to do the same!

The arts community in general does a great job of advocating for different causes. However, these tend to reflect a more personal approach to philanthropy, which often prioritizes proximity and familiarity over impartiality and cost-effectiveness. As such, we hope to insert ourselves into that equation, leverage the motivations that we already see prevalent throughout the artistic community, and point them towards higher-impact opportunities. 


We’re currently working on formalizing our organizational strategy, but we wanted to make this announcement ASAP so that the community is aware of what we’re trying to do and can reach out if they have any ideas or people they think we should hear and connect with!

We’re excited to share  more information about our theory of change, pilot projects, budget, etc. in a future post and we hope that you’ll be excited to keep up with us as we continue to grow and learn as an organization! 


How you can help!


We're currently bootstrapping operations and actively seeking funders to help provide a 6-12 month runway to test out the assumptions underlying our Theory of Change and continue building up our social presence. 



We're also seeking collaborators to join our project on a volunteer basis, so if you’re excited by our mission and want to help us realize our organizational objectives, reach out!


If you know any professional/celebrity artists, we'd love to connect with them! Warm intros have been our most effective outreach method! Get in touch!

Follow Us on Social Media and Spread the Word

More Info

If you’d like to learn more about our project or have any feedback on how to make the project more impactful, comment down below or reach out to me at fernando@artistsofimpact.org

Special thanks to Marcus D., Devon F., Sarah P., Neil F.,  Jeffray B., and too many others to name for all their help in bringing this project to life. 


Thanks for your time and for all that you do for the world!





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Very cool! I’m excited to see where this project goes.

I love this project!

I would like to see a detailed write-up on the theory of change, but a priori this seems like a very underexplored area inside EA.

Awesome, this is so much what EA needs. Can't wait to hear how it progresses. I have an input that comes from decades doing a similar thing, as well as watching others do it...ie. trying to get influential people to promote an ideal...it's a trap to think you should prioritize going after the big names. Just promote altruism done effectively to any and all artists...the one's you work alongside, the one's at your level, then if higher level folks join with you, they can influence the artists who are at that same higher level as them. Let each person that wants to see the arts learn more about effectiveness/increased impact work amongst their own community. I've seen people waste so much energy chasing big names thinking their "reach" is the thing. It's not. It's the slow but steady adding this new idea into the culture until more and more artists turn their efforts toward greater impact...it's the grass roots, not the big names that really makes a difference. 

Wonderful project. We have needed something like this for quite a while and I am thrilled to see it happening! 

Wonderful project. We have needed something like this for quite a while and I am thrilled to see it happening! 

 Hi Fernando, congratulations on the launch of AoI!

Keen to see how good this will go. Besides money for high impact charities, this could also produce some high impact art, which I am thrilled for.

@Forum-readers, please take a moment of your time to follow Artists of Impact on their social media channels. I don't know the expected value calculation, but if you have some free time on your hands, it is a nice gesture and helps.

Very excited for you to take on this project as you already know Fernando!

Super excited to see this happening! 

Huge! I am so excited to see this announcement, and wish the best of luck for AoI.

Excited to see this as an offering!

Hey @Fernando_MG, is this effort still ongoing? I've noticed that artists are paying a lot more attention to AI recently, because of the impact of generative visual AI on the industry. Are you working on ways to leverage that interest?

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