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Head of Marketing at Giving What We Can

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Oh I thought I responded to this already!

I'd like to say that people often have very good reasons for not pledging, that are sometimes visible to us, and other times not - and no one should feel bad for making the right choice for themselves! 

I do of course think many more people in our community could take the GWWC Pledge, but I wouldn't want people to do that at the expense of them feeling comfortable with making that commitment.

We should respect other people's journeys, lifestyles and values in our pursuits to do good.

And thanks Lizka for sharing your previous post in this thread too! Appreciate you sharing your perspective!

I was lucky enough to see Marcus play this year at the Australian Open, and have pledged alongside him! Marcus is so hardworking - in tennis alongside his work at High Impact Athletes! Go Marcus!!!

Thanks for sharing your perspective, Karthik! 

I think it's pretty unacceptable to be rude or unkind to anyone who hasn't take a pledge with GWWC. Everyone is on their own journey and should do what is right for them. I would be disappointed to hear of pledgers who are acting in a manner that's unkind to non-pledgers.

I second Liza's request here to ask people who are being uncharitable or unkind about the decisions of others around taking a pledge to refrain from doing so. 

I think it's acceptable to politely ask people if they'd welcome a discussion about reasons they should consider taking a pledge, but if there's no interest, to let the conversation go.

One of the reasons I love the GWWC Community, is that people tend to be very kind and welcoming, and I would hate to see that change.

(also thanks Liza for sharing your previous post here, too!)

Hi David!

I'm not sure why they thought it was so high! It also surprised me! 

I think maybe because we had talked about their own income beforehand? But I also hadn't really introduced much about charity before that point - so perhaps in other settings they are also being anchored? 

I had a small sample size so not sure I can draw any major conclusions here! The filming was about 10 months ago so I'm afraid I can't remember!

Hi Ula! Sorry for the very slow response! I got caught up with other work! 

A video like this would generally cost between 10k-20k GBP depending on the team used and how much staff time goes into it.

We're currently not running ads with this video, but will probably do so in the future. We have been trying to get as much organic traction on it as possible so far! Happy to share some further results with you when we have it!

Here's an explanation from Luke about how taking a voluntary salary sacrifice could count towards the pledge (as long as you still think it's one of the most effective organisations improving the lives of others):

Let me know what you think!

We'll update this! We do encourage people to give annually to keep in the habit but you're also right that it's not actually in the pledge text. I think this is a major point for a lot of people so we'll update the page! Thanks for pointing that out!

Thanks for sharing, Nuno!

We do have members who don't donate strictly on a yearly basis, and choose to donate every couple of years when there's something quite promising to donate to. Also donating every second (or more depending on how much you donate) year can make sense for some Americans given the tax benefits. 

I think that deciding when to donate (i.e. investing or donating now) is a difficult one, and depends a lot on your worldviews etc. My take is that if you're interested in improving the lives of people now, it's generally good to donate sooner rather than later (although maybe there's a case for waiting for a specific breakthrough where you have some special knowledge about the case for impact) but outside of global health and wellbeing, I find it much harder to know.

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