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User-Friendly Intro Post

Just wanted to call out that working with User Friendly is great, and they've produced some excellent for Giving What We Can and we intend to keep using them! 

"Big tent" effective altruism is very important (particularly right now)

Thanks for this post, Luke! 

This touches on many of my personal fears about the community in the moment. 

I sincerely hope that anyone who comes across our community with the desire and intent to participate in the project of effective altruism feels that they are welcome and celebrated, whether that looks like volunteering an hour each month, donating whatever they feel they can afford, or doing direct work.

To lose people who have diverse worldviews, abilities and backgrounds would be a shame, and could potentially limit the impact of the community. I'd like to see an increasingly diverse effective altruism community, all bound by seeking to do as much good as we can.

Most students who would agree with EA ideas haven't heard of EA yet (results of a large-scale survey)

Thanks for sharing these results! There are many things in there that are insightful for my work and more generally for reaching new groups of people with the ideas of EA.

Targeting Celebrities to Spread Effective Altruism

This is something we are actively considering and planning to do more of at Giving What We Can! Finding the right people who may be well aligned with our messaging and goals, and have an audience that would resonate too is key. If anyone has appropriate suggestions, please feel free to email me!

What I learnt from attending EAGx Oxford (as someone who's new to EA)

It was an absolute pleasure getting to meet you Olivia! And had I not been speaking and had people reaching out to me for 1:1s, I would have really appreciated a 'lonely and new' meetup too, as I can get quite nervous about meeting people for the first time!

Also so happy you liked my talk :)

The Emotional Case For Longtermism

I think that there is a lot of value in using powerful imagery to get important ideas across, I think your pitch captures the ideas well! I could imagine many short stories or videos that talk about longtermism like this, that might be inspiring and convincing. 

Request for review of a donation appeal that will be seen by several thousand normal people

Hi Tim,

I think your note is well written already but if you wanted to take the effectiveness angle, you could write something like the below (and included a shameless plug for GWWC below but OFTW, TLYCS or GiveWell would be equally good). Not sure if it's better than what you have now, but another option at least.


“I want to remind you that each of us have the power to make the world a better place by helping those who need it most.

Did you know that a donation of $4500 to the Against Malaria Foundation, who provide insecticide treated bednets for malaria prevention, is enough to save a child’s life?

And although you may not be able to donate that amount right now, over your lifetime, it’s likely you could donate this much or even much more, and save someone’s life. There will be one more person out there, able to live a full life because of you.

I have received many heartwarming emails from my readers who tell me they are also choosing to be part of making this world a better, safer and healthier place for everyone. 

So join me in giving whatever amount you are comfortable with, and together we can create a brighter future for the world.

To donate to and learn more about highly effective charities like Against Malaria Foundation, visit