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"Giving What We Can's mission is to make giving effectively and significantly a cultural norm. We mean this quite literally: our goal isn't just to marginally increase the amount of money going to effective charities — we're aiming to make meaningful cultural change."

At Giving What We Can we are trying to bring effective giving and the ideas of effective altruism to a much broader audience through the lens of engaging those who are generally in the top 10% of earners worldwide. 

There are many other organisations and new projects that aim to share the ideas to a wider audience - One example I'm personally excited about is Asterisk, a new magazine shaped by the philosophy of EA.

GWWC will be organising lots of things for Giving Season including taking the lead on Effective Giving Day - we plan to share event guides for hosting events with your groups and workplaces in October to help people prepare and run successful Giving Season events!

Hi LB,

Appreciate your time in giving us some feedback!

For this years Giving Season campaign we're planning to test a donate CTA vs a newsletter sub CTA and track which causes more donations, pledges down the line. I agree that a donate CTA may fare better. 

Also agree that perhaps a more cause focused campaigns could be effective, but this has to be balanced with the nature of GWWC as an org, our place in the effective giving ecosystem and what our vision is. This is something we are thinking about how best to do for our brand. I also think leaning into the community of GWWC and the vision we have is an interesting angle and am excited to see how this might compare to cause focused messaging. 

The results we've shared here are just based on the advertising we did, but rest assured we are tracking donations and pledges off the back of this campaign - just not included in these results.

I'm super excited by the launch of the Longtermism Fund which was driven by Michael Townsend and made possible by the excellent team at Longview! 

I think it fills a gap in longtermist giving and I'm excited to see giving grow in this space!

Just wanted to call out that working with User Friendly is great, and they've produced some excellent for Giving What We Can and we intend to keep using them! 

Thanks for this post, Luke! 

This touches on many of my personal fears about the community in the moment. 

I sincerely hope that anyone who comes across our community with the desire and intent to participate in the project of effective altruism feels that they are welcome and celebrated, whether that looks like volunteering an hour each month, donating whatever they feel they can afford, or doing direct work.

To lose people who have diverse worldviews, abilities and backgrounds would be a shame, and could potentially limit the impact of the community. I'd like to see an increasingly diverse effective altruism community, all bound by seeking to do as much good as we can.

Thanks for sharing these results! There are many things in there that are insightful for my work and more generally for reaching new groups of people with the ideas of EA.

This is something we are actively considering and planning to do more of at Giving What We Can! Finding the right people who may be well aligned with our messaging and goals, and have an audience that would resonate too is key. If anyone has appropriate suggestions, please feel free to email me!

It was an absolute pleasure getting to meet you Olivia! And had I not been speaking and had people reaching out to me for 1:1s, I would have really appreciated a 'lonely and new' meetup too, as I can get quite nervous about meeting people for the first time!

Also so happy you liked my talk :)

I think that there is a lot of value in using powerful imagery to get important ideas across, I think your pitch captures the ideas well! I could imagine many short stories or videos that talk about longtermism like this, that might be inspiring and convincing. 

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