Co-Founder of High Impact Professionals. We enable working professionals to maximize their positive impact by supporting them in donating their time, skills and resources effectively.

Ex-CTO and MD of Germany for Founders Pledge. Big on promoting Effective Giving.

Originally from New York, living in Berlin.

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Public reports are now optional for EA Funds grantees

Thanks for the response.


Is there a way to make things pseudo-anonymous, revealing the type of grants being made privately but preserving the anonymity of the grant recipient? It seems like that preserves a lot of the value of what you want to protect without much downside.

For example, I'd be personally very skeptical that giving grants for personal mental support would be the best way to improve the long-term future and would make me less likely to support the LTFF and if all such grants weren't public, I wouldn't know that. There might also be people for whom the opposite is true and they wouldn't donate to LTFF because they didn't know such grants were being made. If you said e.g. "$100K was given out last quarter to support the mental health of individuals" we'd get what we want, but we'd still have no idea who the recipients are.

Public reports are now optional for EA Funds grantees

I find the lack of transparency that comes along with this problematic. Is there a place where I can read about the reasons for the chance or can you elaborate here so that I can understand the trade-off?

Announcing my retirement

Thank you for all of your hard work, Aaron!

Free workspace for EA researchers in London

We have an EA co-working space in Berlin and it is really a value add. Many different orgs come together, exchange ideas and socialize. Check out this post if you haven't seen it already:


Happy to put you in touch with the organizer.

Introducing Healthier Hens

Excited about this organization and to see the good work you three will do!

Open Thread: October 2021

Hi there!

A quick thought about your quandary: I have been very puzzled by this throughout my time as an EA as well and my best model for people who 1) intellectually understand EA but 2) don't act on it is that they are mostly signalling, which is super cheap to do. Taking real action (e.g. donating your hard earned money that you could have used on yourself) is much more costly.

Experience has also born the following out for me: For people who don't intellectually (I'd go so far as to say intuitively) get EA, I think there is (almost) no hope of getting them on board. It seems deeply dispositional to me. This lends itself to a strategy that tries to uncover existing EAs who have never heard of it rather than converting those who have but show resistance.

Just my two cents!

Ranking animal foods based on suffering and GHG emissions

Thanks for making this!

I'd like to understand the suffering involved in egg production of free-range hens where the male chicks aren't killed. 

What assumptions does "cage free" make here?

Mid-Career Professionals: Impact Landscape - Request for Feedback

Nice to hear from you and thanks for the feedback Stephen.

You raise some good points and I definitely plan to beef up the document as things progress, especially with regard to the language around career changes as that will often be the biggest lever for impact as you correctly state.

Introducing Ayuda Efectiva

Great work, Pablo! I think we need more projects like this so glad to see another one.

On that topic, do you or anyone else know of other such national level projects, aside from Effektiv Spenden  (where I do some work) in Germany and RC Forward in Canada? Although I imagine there are many nuances of each country's bureaucracy, it could make sense to template out the operational aspects that likely don't differ from country to country.


Another with this bit:

We are thinking of Ayuda Efectiva as a startup, and are trying to build it up with the lowest possible fixed costs. This may mean our progress is slower, but also that keeping the organization running will not be a constant worry that distracts us from our actual goals.

What kind of fixed costs are we talking about, if you don't mind sharing? If they were too low, I'd be a bit concerned that it could hamper your multiplier. How are you approaching fundraising?

Again, great work!

EA Organization Updates: July 2020

Thanks Aaron - I really enjoy these updates and wouldn't be able to get the information otherwise. Well done!

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