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Which social media the group uses is listed for each record and you can inline filter for anything you care about (e.g. "hide all the ones using facebook", "show only those using slack"). 

Hi there,

Thanks for the comments! To some of your points:

  1. Fixed this - we had this at some point but something must have happened...
  2. Not sure what you mean by this one. Can you elaborate?
  3. We know about this feature but want to be able to present working groups all by themselves and on a site that caters to a broader audience than the forum. It is possible we will add this to the forum at some point as well.

Hi Anjay, thanks for the shoutout and we at HIP couldn't agree more that EA workplace and professional groups are important: that is why we are putting such a focus on them in our organization. 

If anyone is interested in starting a group at their organization or for their industry, please pm us here. Also, we are going to publish a current list of workplace and professional groups on our site and in the forum some time next week, so look out for that if you are a professional looking to join a group.

Hi John, thanks for your comment. Yes, there are indeed many more groups that this, both in the private and public sectors. We only presented here the top 30 orgs according to number of EAs.

We are going to publish a list of all workplace and professional groups on our website soon and will post in the forum when we do.