In light of recent developments with the FTX Future Fund (FTXFF), there are many uncertainties around promised funding for grantees. Many in our community are rallying to support those affected, from potential funding opportunities to avenues of health support

To help those impacted FTXFF grantees who are now seeking alternative job opportunities, High Impact Professionals (HIP) is providing a service to help match grantees with high-impact opportunities.


This works as follows:

  1. You sign up for a talent directory to provide us information on your background, interests, availability, and the like. 
  2. We help match you to high-impact roles in the following ways, depending on the level of consent you give us (laid out more in the linked form):
    1. We reach out to you with roles that are potentially a good fit for your profile.
    2. We share your information with EA partner organizations that are looking to fill roles.
    3. We add your information to a talent directory list that will be published on our website (similar to

If you are an affected FTXFF grantee who is now pursuing other jobs, please fill out this form. We plan to keep the survey open through the end of the year; however, we encourage you to complete it as soon and as thoroughly as possible. We will consider you on our list to match to organizations until you explicitly tell us not to, which you can do by reaching out.

As a side note, we plan to send around a similar but more general form in the coming weeks for anyone interested in being placed at a high-impact organization. But, we wanted to get this version out quickly as a bridge for those affected.

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Looking back five months later, can you say anything about whether this program ended up matching people with new jobs or opportunities, and if so how many? Thanks!

Hey Sarah,

Great question. Short answer is we don't know as we haven't gotten feedback loops on it.

We proactively shared the list of candidates with many organizations who were interested and also added the list of candidates to our talent directory so there is still the potential for further matches, but without the feedback loops it is hard to be more concrete. 

We will do a broader survey to organizations and to sign ups later in the year to see how many matches were facilited but it is quite costly to do so so we've prioritized getting new features out.

Hope this is helpful.


I haven't made any announcement yet, but I'd be potentially interested in hiring people as contractors for Rational Animations in the following roles:

- Scriptwriter (also see this contest)
- Fact-checker
- Community manager
- Social Media manager
- Illustrator

If you think Rational Animations could be a good fit for some people and clears your bar for "high-impact", I'd be happy if you sent some candidates my way. They/you can reach out at

Also, important disclaimer: I'm not sure how fast I'll be able to make hiring decisions, and some people may need to get a job soon. Therefore, anyone who applies shouldn't wait for an answer from me if they need a job fast.

We have funding until at least ~ March.

Thanks a lot HIP for this great initiative, if any of the grantees affected would like to do work in animal advocacy in particular please email us to see if we can advise on next steps at [sofia at] or via PM on the forum.

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