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It’s been a busy year at Open Philanthropy; our ambitious growth goals have had us expanding our team rapidly this year (we roughly doubled over the course of 2022). We recently posted 7 operations roles, which are now live on our jobs page and linked below. Each role will be vital to scaling our operations and executing on our grantmaking goals:

  • Business Operations Lead[1], who will manage multiple Business Operations Generalists on our team which provides organization-wide tech and office infrastructure, helps with event planning, and handles all forms of time-saving support. 
    • Note: the generalist role is open to applicants without any previous experience, and we’re happy to consider candidates graduating in May. 
  • Finance Operations Assistant to help manage accounts payable, contractors, and internal expense reporting. 
  • Multiple Grants Associates (both generalist and longtermist-focused) to join the team responsible for structuring, conducting due diligence on, and processing every grant we make.  
  • People Operations Generalist to work on onboarding, retention, offboarding, payroll, benefits, and helping our team grow more international. 
  • Recruiter to help us continue to grow. 
  • Salesforce Administrator & Technical Project Manager to help manage Salesforce (our grantmaking platform) and support other tech needs.

If you know someone who would be great for one of these roles, please refer them to us.[2] We welcome external referrals, and have found them extremely helpful in the past. We also offer a $5,000 referral bonus; more information here

A few notes for prospective applicants 

We’re always adjusting our hiring process based on candidate feedback, and we wanted to highlight (or reiterate) a few things we’re trying for this round of roles. 

  1. For most of the roles posted (all except the Business Operations Lead and Salesforce roles)[3], you only need to apply once to opt into consideration for as many of these roles as you’re interested in. 
    • There will be a checkbox on the application form asking if you want to be considered for any other teams. Checking multiple boxes will generally not mean you will be asked to do additional work tests for each role you’re applying to. If you proceed to the end of the process, you may have interviews with multiple hiring managers if multiple teams are still interested in considering you as a candidate, and you may receive an offer for one or multiple of the roles you expressed interest in. 
  2. Interested candidates can self-select into applying for a 3-month temporary two-way trial for these roles. If you select this track, this means you’ll: 
    • Potentially have the opportunity to go through a more streamlined application process (one brief work test, rather than two, with the option to consider alternatives to work tests), if you need a decision more quickly. 
    • If you seem like a very strong candidate for full-time employment at the end of that streamlined process, receive an offer of 3 months of employment, at the end of which we will mutually decide whether to continue a longer-term employment relationship (assuming no compliance issues arise, we plan to extend this option to both US and international candidates). 
    • Please don’t feel any pressure to select this option — we’re providing it as an experiment, and in case it’s actively preferable for some candidates (e.g. because they’re uncertain they want to transition into a career in ops and would like to try it out, don’t have the financial flexibility to go through a more involved application process, or don’t feel they can make a good longer-term career decision right now for whatever reason). If we get feedback from applicants that this isn’t useful, or is stressful in some way we didn’t anticipate, we may decide to eliminate it later in the round.
  3. Please note that all work test deadlines are somewhat flexible, and we may be open to considering alternatives to our usual work tests. 
    • If you need more time to complete a work test, we will try to accommodate that. If you don’t think you can commit the time to doing a work test at all, we’re open to brainstorming alternatives for candidates who otherwise look like very strong fits. This could look like: sharing a few similar past work products, a recent performance review, or a work test completed as part of another organization’s hiring process. By default, our operations roles have two work tests — one <2 hours in length, and one 4-6 hours in length (each compensated with an honorarium). 
  4. If it’s important to you to know your chances of being hired, or to know whether you’ll receive an offer by a certain date, just ask. 
    • We’ll be glad to communicate the number of people at your stage in the pipeline, and may be willing to expedite especially promising candidates who need a decision sooner (we’ve done this in the past). 
  5. We’ve added a question to our application form which lets candidates opt into being referred to other organizations if they are rejected later in our process. 
    • If you check this box, we will share some basic information (your email, resume, how far you made it in our process, and a high-level sentence or two about why we think you should be on their radar) with organizations looking for similar talent. The goal of this change is to make matchmaking for promising candidates more streamlined by asking for candidates’ consent up front, rather than after rejection. 
    • We will not share work tests or work test scores, and will not respond to inquiries asking for more detailed evaluative feedback without first checking with candidates. 
  6. Candidates rejected at the final interview stage will receive individualized feedback. 
    • A desire for more feedback is the most frequent piece of feedback we get from applicants. Unfortunately, due to the volume of candidates and requests for feedback we receive, we haven’t come up with a way to guarantee this for candidates rejected earlier in the process, but we’re working on potential alternatives (e.g. providing a summary of the kinds of mistakes most commonly made on work tests), so there’s a chance we’ll be able to share something along those lines. 

If you have a question or concern, or are a recent applicant to Open Philanthropy and want to discuss your specific situation before applying again, please email jobs@openphilanthropy.org

  1. ^

    This role will backfill my current role at OP as I switch to managing our recruiting team next month. Hi!

  2. ^

    If they’ve been impacted by recent FTXFF developments, you can also encourage them to list themselves in High Impact Professionals’ talent directory (created specifically so talent impacted by the FTX crisis can communicate they’re on the job market), and to list themselves in the Pineapple Operations database for people looking for operations roles. 

  3. ^

    You can still apply to multiple roles while applying to the Business Operations Lead and Salesforce Administrator roles; applications for these two roles just have to be submitted individually (rather than opting into them via applications for other roles) because their application forms are slightly more specific.

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