Are you going through a rough patch due to the FTX crisis?
Or do you want to help EA peers who are? 

Following up on our post from last Friday, 'Get and Give Mental Health Support During These Hard Times', we [Rethink Wellbeing and the Mental Health Navigator] set up a support network to react to the many people in our community affected by the FTX crisis. The number of people who have joined is growing! These are the two modes of action:

  • (1) In this table, you can find experienced supporters.

    • These supporters want to help (for free), and you can just contact them. The community health team, as well as a growing number of coaches and therapists that are informed about EA and the FTX crisis, are already listed. 
    • If you have experience in supporting others and would like to dedicate >=1 hour in the next few weeks to support one or more EA peers that are having a hard time, you can take 1 min to add your details to the table. We likely need more support to take care of this situation. Consultants might be helpful, too.

  • (2) You can join our new Peer Support Network Slack here.

    People can share and discuss their issues, get together in groups and 1:1, as well as get support from the trained helpers as well as peers:

    • It enables you to chat with a trained helper anonymously—if you use a Nickname and an email address that doesn't contain your name.
    • You can create closed sub-channels here for a small group of people with similar issues that want to support each other more closely.
    • One can tackle specific topics in sub-channels, e.g., dealing with loss, future worries, or personal crises.

Feel free to send this to anyone who might need or wish to provide help!

Rethink Wellbeing was supposed to receive FTX funding to implement Effective Peer Support. Finding a funding source (for USD 25 to 32,5 k), we could also provide a simple first version of mental health support groups and 1:1s to EAs affected by the FTX crisis quickly. Let us know if you'd like to make that possible. Around 300 EAs have signed up to participate in Effective Peer Support already, mainly after our post in October. Let us know if you'd like to learn more.


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Much appreciation and respect for Inga, Emily and everyone involved behind the scences. Thank you so much for doing this and helping the community process and grow from this. 

EA Mental Health and nEArodivergent discord server: Not super active at the moment, but it does exist.

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