Head and main scriptwriter @ Rational Animations


I have to squint a lot to see the sense in this mapping

The design of the website is quite bad

Why do you consider it bad? Nothing jumps out to me that makes me think "this is bad/ugly". Your other points make more sense to me though.

I've done a couple of half-hearted tries, and the results have been very distant from something I'd use for the channel. I should try again with more effort.

Yes, I've received and read the script, and the contest is still open

No winners or job offers yet, but I have still to decide on some, although I've read every submission. I reached out to a small minority of people with feedback when (but not every time) I thought their script could be improved easily enough to pass my bar. If you want feedback or are curious about your standing in the contest, please send an e-mail.

Cross-posting with multiple authors is broken as a feature.

When Matthew had to approve co-authorship, the post appeared on the home page, but if clicked on, it only showed an error message.

Then I moved the post to drafts, and when I interacted with it using the three dots on the right side, there was another error message.

Now Matthew doesn't appear as a coauthor here.


I haven't made any announcement yet, but I'd be potentially interested in hiring people as contractors for Rational Animations in the following roles:

- Scriptwriter (also see this contest)
- Fact-checker
- Community manager
- Social Media manager
- Illustrator

If you think Rational Animations could be a good fit for some people and clears your bar for "high-impact", I'd be happy if you sent some candidates my way. They/you can reach out at rationalanimations@gmail.com.

Also, important disclaimer: I'm not sure how fast I'll be able to make hiring decisions, and some people may need to get a job soon. Therefore, anyone who applies shouldn't wait for an answer from me if they need a job fast.

We have funding until at least ~ March.

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