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Thanks a lot for the feedback!

I have the same concern about the fact that the expected income from participating in the contest might be small. I think the other two prizes somewhat mitigate this, but I'm not sure how people value those prizes.

I'm indeed spending a lot less on scriptwriting than on animation. This hasn't always been true, but it is true now and will continue to be true as the team becomes larger because animation is just way costlier. That said, the proportion of the budget devoted to scriptwriting will increase again in the near future, but not drastically. More specifically, as I say in the post, I'd like to hire more scriptwriters, and, later on, I'd like to bring in at least one fact-checker.

For now, I'll leave the prizes unchanged. I'll wait at least a couple of weeks to see how the contest goes. Depending on how many scripts I'm getting and their quality, I might decide to change the prizes.

Hey, thanks for the feedback here. 

Regarding Rob Miles' audio: is there anything more specific you have to say about it? I want to improve the audio aspect of the videos, but the last one seemed better than usual to me on that front. If you could pinpoint any specific thing that seemed off, that would be helpful to me.

Several EA organizations are working together with a communications advising firm to answer questions like

  • Who are key audiences we especially want to reach?
  • How do these audiences currently see EA?
  • What are the best ways to reach these audiences?
  • What EA ideas are especially important to convey?

I hope EA orgs end up sharing their new best guesses regarding these questions with the broader community, or at least reach out to smaller and newer organizations dedicated to outreach so that they can scale their outreach in a good direction and self-correct more easily.

I confirm that this resolved. Thanks for the e-mail response!

We try to avoid processes that take months and leave grantees unclear on when they’re going to reach a decision."

It's true that we made decisions on the vast majority of proposals on roughly this timeline, and then some of the more complicated / expensive proposals took more time (and got indications from us about when they were supposed to hear back next).

The indication I got said that FTX would reach out "within two weeks", which meant by April 20. I haven't heard back since, though. I reached out eight days ago to ensure that my application or relevant e-mails haven't been lost, but I haven't received an answer. :(

(I get that this is probably not on purpose, and that grant decisions take as long as they need to, but if I see an explicit policy of "we are going to reach out even if we haven't made a decision yet" then I'm left wondering if something has broken down somewhere and about what to do. It seems a good choice to try to reach out myself... and comment under this thread to provide a data point.)

Thanks! I'm curious if there's a particular aspect of the video that you found particularly good and if you found it significantly better than the other videos on Rational Animations (if you have watched them).

I'm trying to understand what made this particular video more appreciated than the other ones.

reminds me of Good Hunting, by Ken Liu

but better, faster, dogger

truly a masterpiece

thank machine doggo

I'm still not entirely sure if I'm going to write this. I didn't do it when I was freer, and now work is piling up fast. If someone wants to write something inspired from this meme and is curious about what I had in mind PM me.

Thanks :) 

It is going strong! Now views are coming in from YouTube recommending the video. 

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