Rational Animations is now open to take on external work! We offer several services related to writing and animation production. In particular:

  • Production management
  • Storyboarding
  • Visual development
  • Animation
  • Editing and compositing
  • Writing, such as distilling research and creating explainers, stories, or screenplays

We can take on animation projects from start to finish or help you with any phase of the animation production process. 

You can look at our most recent work and animation showreel by visiting our new website, rationalanimations.com.

If you'd like to hire us, you can contact us at business@rationalanimations.com





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Great news! I really like some of the channel's videos.

I do want to ask though, will there be a specific type or niche of animated videos that you guys are planning to work on for external projects? Like animation work for studios, industrial projects, or outside altruistic causes?

No, for now, we aren't committing to any specific type of niche!

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