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I'm working on growing the US tofu market - writing a book on the subject ( and considering starting a tofu import business. 

Besides tofu, I restarted and co-lead the EA Los Angeles group and previously restarted and co-led the EA club at the University of Southern California.

I agree with longtermism but think I can build career capital more easily doing tofu work in the short run.


Eli, I'm sorry I just saw your message! This program sounds really interesting. I missed the signup deadline but will shoot them a message. Thanks for the recommendation!

Yum, thanks for sharing that link! Cool to hear that there's exciting tofu happening in Kenya. And absolutely, I think you're right - making tofu hip doesn't necessarily mean it will spread. That said, it's hard to imagine the tofu market growing without it becoming a more desirable food, and that seems easiest via restaurants for now. A lot of work to still be done!

Huh I guess I haven't chatted with (or know) enough influencers, but I'm familiar with some that do try products for free, and sometimes post about them. Maybe that's the exception though?

Turns out my last comment was wrong! Mary's Test Kitchen ( has found that by removing the starch from other legumes, you can make soy-like tofu out of them. Haven't tried yet but looks legit!

Sounds delish! How do you usually prepare your yuba sandwiches?

Too cool - I'd love to hear your favorite ways to eat it :)

And thank you for offering! Just sent you a message

Oh amazing! Thanks so much for the suggestion - I'll definitely reach out to Jenny :)

Interesting idea! Funny enough, black bean tofu is actually made with black soybeans, not black beans. The standard beans don't curdle the same way - too much starch content - so they can only form starch not protein gels. Would be cool to see more of them, though, and be able to better personalize towards different restaurants

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