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I'm working on growing the US tofu market - wrote a book on the subject ( and figuring out what's next.

Besides tofu, I restarted and led the EA Los Angeles group and previously restarted and co-led the EA club at the University of Southern California.


Thank you. Now I'm curious how New Zealand compares to the US stuff!

Thanks Jeff! 

That's fine with me - just removed that wording. Thanks for the suggestion.

Jealous of your housing! Let me know how folks like the recipes :)

Thanks for supporting! I'm not sure if Amazon has dropped the price yet... hopefully they should today or tomorrow.

That's interesting. I wonder how Singapore compares to China for tofu? 

My impression is that Singaporean food overlaps most with Southeastern (Fujian and Cantonese) Chinese cooking, but those two cuisines use fewer varieties than other regions of China. Granted, I've never been, so this could be very wrong! Does anyone have a better sense?

Thanks Jessica! I'm so with you on the Chinese alt protein scene... would love to see more folks promoting these foods abroad!

Ooh, thanks for catching the international e-book pricing - just messaged Amazon and they'll correct that today or tomorrow.

I think this is a pretty open question. I'm more skeptical of plant-based meats than a lot of folks, largely because I think "narratives" matter more than "taste" for food selection. Narratives scale, whereas taste is extremely individualized. But dominant food narratives in China (and in the US!) ascribe a lot more value to things like local, natural, farm-to-table, cultural than the things that PBM are good at.

oh no! Thanks for the catch. Will try to fix that right now

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