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Hi Aaron, thanks for your reply!

I regularly check the 80,000 hours  and EA Facebook page job boards. I didn't know about the Solutions Journalism Network though, which seems like as good of a resource I could hope for at the moment, so thank you for that.

If I have some unanswered specifics on EA communications I'll be sure to schedule a time to talk to you.

Hello everyone, I've been following EA for around a year, and attended the 2020 Virtual EA Global Conference. I am a 23 y/o Business Management and Geography graduate from the University of Exeter, and I was hoping by attending the conference I would meet people to become more involved in EA or help with my job search, but neither happened. 

I'm currently trying to get work in journalism or communications at an NGO/charity. I have some experience in sports journalism, but I'm keen on using my skills to try and achieve a more positive impact on the world. The Geography aspect of my degree was human-oriented rather than environmental; I studied social and political geography, global urban futures etc. (which isn't to say I'm not interested in more environmental topics).