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Thanks for sharing, that's a refreshingly nice article. :D Big fan of HIA!

“In New Zealand, we’ve got ‘tall poppy syndrome’,” says Inglis, “where those who like to stand out will get cut down. And the New Zealand public love to do that sometimes, which is great because it keeps us humble, but at the same time, it can reduce people’s confidence to put themselves out there and talk about issues which they care about. So we’re trying to work with athletes so they can put themselves out there to deliver messages that they can be really confident in and that they’re not going to be tripped up on.”

Thought that was an interesting and useful observation, I think something very similar is happening in Germany and it also goes way too far in discouraging people.

For a relatively new and small organisation, HIA has had a “massively outsized impact” in the spaces it donates (estimates by FP):
– Total money influenced (USD): $747,200-plus


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