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Podcast: Sharon Hewitt Rawlette on metaethics and utilitarianism

Glad you found it useful Peter  

I've been very influenced by Hewitt's meta-ethics myself, and I highly recommend reading her PhD. You can also get it in book form here: 

[3-hour podcast] Michael Huemer on epistemology, metaethics, EA, utilitarianism and infinite ethics

Glad you liked the episode :) I had limited time with Kent, so I didn't get to ask him everything I wanted to ask. I hope to have more pleasure/pain scientists on in the future, maybe from the same lab. 

New 4-hour podcast about the future of consciousness with Andrés Gómez Emilsson from the Qualia Research Institute


I don't know whether QRI could test that hypothesis in such a setup. Based on what I know, they're going to test the Symmetry Theory of Valence more directly.