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Podcast: Samo Burja on the war in Ukraine, avoiding nuclear war and the longer term implications

We discuss US-China relations and avoiding nuclear war. Both are EA cause areas. 

Podcast: Samo Burja on the war in Ukraine, avoiding nuclear war and the longer term implications

I don't think we can say yet that Samo's forecasts have been "pretty wrong". 

As far as I'm aware, he's only made this forecast: 

"The Ukrainian forces are fighting valiantly and we are in the fog of war.

Given my best understanding of the military situation, Russia looks to occupy Kyiv as well as at least 70% of internationally recognized Ukrainian territory by Day 50 of the invasion." 

And this forecast has not been resolved yet. I hope he's wrong, of course. 

I read Scott Alexander as criticising Samo for not making more specific predictions, which is fair. 

And I think the reason Scott gives Samo a C is because of Samo's February tweets about the Russian military being strong. To my mind, this is bound up with the above forecast. I don't think we can say yet that Samo is wrong. Again, I hope he is. 

Anyways, I thought Samo provided an interesting perspective about the situation more broadly. 

Big fan of your blog, by the way :) 

Samo Burja on Effective Altruism

Thanks, me too. 

If you have any questions for Samo, you could write them here. 

Samo Burja on Effective Altruism

Thanks for making this list. 

I'll be recording a podcast with Samo on the 9th of March.  We'll discuss these themes as well as the consequences and possible solutions to  underpopulation.

Podcast: Sharon Hewitt Rawlette on metaethics and utilitarianism

Glad you found it useful Peter  

I've been very influenced by Hewitt's meta-ethics myself, and I highly recommend reading her PhD. You can also get it in book form here: 

[3-hour podcast] Michael Huemer on epistemology, metaethics, EA, utilitarianism and infinite ethics

Glad you liked the episode :) I had limited time with Kent, so I didn't get to ask him everything I wanted to ask. I hope to have more pleasure/pain scientists on in the future, maybe from the same lab. 

Hi Filip 

Thank you, glad you're enjoying the podcast :)

The new method is persufflation: 

New 4-hour podcast about the future of consciousness with Andrés Gómez Emilsson from the Qualia Research Institute


I don't know whether QRI could test that hypothesis in such a setup. Based on what I know, they're going to test the Symmetry Theory of Valence more directly.