On this episode of the Utilitarian Podcast I talk with Michael Huemer. Michael is a professor of philosophy at the university of Colorado. We talk about how to build a worldview, epistemology and intuitions, metaethics and consciousness, utilitarianism and effective altruism, belief clusters and rationality, the value of philosophy, infinite ethics and whether there can be experience without a self. 

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Thanks for posting this - I actually haven't listened to this ep but I just listened to the science of pleasure episode and thought it was fantastic, and wouldn't have found it without this post. My only wish was that you'd asked him to say specifically what he meant by conscious. I'll def listen to other episodes now.

Glad you liked the episode :) I had limited time with Kent, so I didn't get to ask him everything I wanted to ask. I hope to have more pleasure/pain scientists on in the future, maybe from the same lab.