Henry Howard


I'm a doctor in Australia interested in doing the most good that I can.


Proponent of Earning to Give. Skeptical of longtermism.


This is very inspiring. I think you're making an incredibly positive impact on the world, not just through charity but also by inspiring those around you. Brilliant!

Really cool idea. I'll be watching eagerly

Good portrait of the problem. The solution isn't obvious to me.

I'm very skeptical of the suggestions from the Halstead and Hillebrandt post. It seems unlikely that a "~4 person-year research effort" could discover the key to economic growth in developing countries when the entire field of development economics has been trying to solve this problem for decades.

I agree with the general premise of earning to give through entrepreneurship.

I've never been very convinced by the talent-constraint concept. With the right wage you can hire talent. I think the push from earning to give has been a mistake.


I think that the allocation of government aid doesn't get enough attention from effective altruists. Government aid budgets are an enormous pool of money and often don't seem to be spent in an evidence-based way. Huge potential for positive change here.

It seems like every now and again someone suggests cardiovascular disease as a potential high-impact cause area on the EA forum. The problem is tractability. It's really hard to convince people to eat better, exercise more and stop smoking. Doctors spend a lot of time trying to do this and billions have been spent on public health campaigns trying to convince people to do this. The medications that treat cholesterol, hypertension, and diabetes are among the most commonly prescribed in the world already.

You've identified a serious problem but I don't see a cost-effective solution

Great work. I got malaria in 2016 for a clinical trial of a novel anti-malarial (results published here). I was paid AUD$2880 and gave it all to the Against Malaria Foundation. It's one of the best things I've ever done.

Love this. I also give large amounts to GiveWell charities and smaller amounts to local charities. Good charities deserve funds. Great charities just deserve them more.

Thanks for doing this. Post is too long, could have been dot points. I want to see more TL;DRs like this

Thanks for saying this. One complexity is that there are people who will have already rearranged their lives to work of Future-Fund-funded projects, so handing back the money will leave them worse off than when they started. I can understand then why they'd be unwilling to give the money back.

But I share your distaste for the dialogue and posts I've seen around the issue. People obviously have a heavy vested interest in keeping this money and this will bias some people's moral reasoning. I think it's a bad look for the community. Disappointing.

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