I'm a software engineer in London, earning to give to animal welfare charities (but open to doing something else some day).

I started EA Work Club [https://eawork.club], a job board for effective altruists. With Hauke Hillebrandt, I co-founded Let's Fund [https://lets-fund.org], a site for crowdfunding high-impact (but high-risk) EA projects.

I write at henrystanley.com.

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Climate Change Is Neglected By EA

Though I'm not entirely sure the comparison is fair. The kind of global poverty interventions that EAs favour (for better or for worse) tend to be near-term, low-risk, with a quick payoff. Climate change interventions are much less certain, higher-variance, and with a long payoff.

Climate Change Is Neglected By EA

A huge amount is already spent on global health and development, and yet the EA community is clearly happy to try and find particularly effective global health and development interventions. There are definitely areas within the hugely broad field of climate change action which are genuinely neglected.

This is true. To steelman your point - at Let's Fund we think funding advocacy for clean energy R&D funding is one such intervention, so they do exist.

Climate Change Is Neglected By EA

Thoughtful post!

I don't agree with your analysis in (3) - neglectedness to me is asking not 'is enough being done' but 'is this the thing that can generate the most benefit on the margin'.

For climate change it seems most likely not; hundreds of billions of dollars (and likely millions of work-years) are already spent every year on climate change mitigation (research, advocacy, or energy subsidies). The whole EA movement might move, what, a few hundred million dollars per year? Given the relatively scarce resources we have, both in time and money, it seems like there are places where we could do more good (the whole of the AI safety field has only a couple hundred people IIRC).

Racial Demographics at Longtermist Organizations

Gotcha. I actually meant to reply to Hauke (who thought the poster was talking about diversity of any kind, rather than racial diversity).

Racial Demographics at Longtermist Organizations

Agreed - though many of the more successful diversity efforts are really just efforts to make companies nicer and more collaborative places to work (e.g. cross-functional teams, mentoring). My personal preference is to focus on making companies welcoming to all rather than specifically targeting racial minorities.

I'm also a little sceptical of the huge gains the HBR article suggests - do diversity task forces really increase the number of Asian men in management by a third? It suggests looking at Google as an example of "a company that's made big bets on [diversity] accountability... We should know in a few years if that moves the needle for them" - it didn't.

Racial Demographics at Longtermist Organizations

How do you think cohorts like the self-identified conservatives in western democracies or the US intelligence community would view ideas coming from that hypothetical think tank?

I suggest this is a bad example; I imagine they'd be sceptical but more because of the involvement of a Chinese state actor (see e.g. concerns over Chinese government influence over Huawei) than because of their race.

Racial Demographics at Longtermist Organizations

Promote formal diversity and inclusion programs

I’m sceptical; diversity programs often don't work (Google spent $300m+ on diversity programs and didn't move the needle) and in many cases reduce diversity.

Racial Demographics at Longtermist Organizations

Larks’ view that they “do not place any value on diversity.”

I assume Larks means 'racial diversity' in the context of this thread (and based on their comment, which talks about increasing diverse viewpoints through other means).

Bored at home? Contribute to the EA Wiki!

I've not attempted to consolidate other wikis - I think the LessWrong and Cause Prioritisation wikis are best kept separate. Concepts also hasn't been touched in a long time as far as I can see. My hope is that simply by not going offline or being unavailable this wiki will be the default Schelling point!

I also think the fact that this is run on MediaWiki (the same platform as Wikipedia) makes it more familiar/easier to get started, but I could be wrong.

Your point about reputation is very right - need to think more about ways I can surface people's contributions.

Why I'm Not Vegan

Interesting - I would definitely not pick the 50 months as a pig on a factory farm.

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