I'm a software engineer in London, earning to give to animal welfare charities (but open to doing something else some day).

I started EA Work Club [https://eawork.club], a job board for effective altruists. With Hauke Hillebrandt, I co-founded Let's Fund [https://lets-fund.org], a site for crowdfunding high-impact (but high-risk) EA projects.

I write at henrystanley.com.

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How we promoted EA at a large tech company

This is fantastic - great to see someone do this, and the branding you came up with is super nice (especially around "do orders of magnitude more good"). In my experience people tend to keep quiet about EA while at work; good to see that trend being bucked as this seems like an obviously underutilised way to get folks interested the movement.

Doing good is as good as it ever was

This is wonderful. Thanks for writing it!

Doing good is as good as it ever was

While I have heard about people believing ii) and iii), I haven't seen either argument carefully written up anywhere. I'd assume this is true for lots of people.

Agreed - would love to see this written up by someone.

Growth and the case against randomista development

Will have a look at those links.

But my point was that your blanket statement about there being no countries which implemented widespread K-12 education and didn't have huge welfare gains (whether as wealth or e.g. HDI) is wrong on its face. e.g. South Africa and Switzerland since 1990 increased mean years of schooling by 50% (from 8y to 12y); South Africa saw its HDI increase by 0.04 but Switzerland saw it increase by 0.11 over the same period. OTOH, there are countries with very little increase in time spent in school which have seen huge increases in HDI.

Growth and the case against randomista development

This seems fair - though I would hope there would be significant overlap between 'I agree with this' and 'this is a good argument'.

UK donor-advised funds

Hm, the fees on the CAF account look pretty steep - seems like it eats 4% of everything you put in there up to £22k, and 1% thereafter.

UK donor-advised funds

Gotcha. Thanks for the answer - I guess UK DAFs will only ever allow you to donate to UK charities, so maybe the lack of flexibility isn't worth it.

UK donor-advised funds

You don't get Gift Aid until you actually make the donation

If you don't donate in a given tax year you won't get the Gift Aid for that tax year at all, if I understand right - the tax relief is lost.

The appeal of a DAF is you can claim the Gift Aid/tax deduction immediately but defer donating. I think you can also put securities in the DAF, so growth on it would be tax-free presumably.

Growth and the case against randomista development

Getting downvoted isn't 'abuse' - it's just a signal that people disagree with you. :) I'm not convinced of the case you're making for education, for example.

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