A short post on my blog detailing a recent donation - and my intention to be a bit more public about my giving in future.

I'm never sure of the expected value of these sorts of posts; they feel a bit awkward and braggy to me. But I do want to get more people into philanthropy and the mindset that they can make a difference even with (relatively) small sums of money.




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Yeah I think norms of public disclosure of generosity is good. 

Thanks for your donation. It means a lot to me. 

This is great, thanks for sharing this!

I'm trying to do more of this myself e.g. via a triathlon fundraiser I'm doing (coincidentally, with 1 of 2 recipients also being THL UK!). I've also done a post about this on Twitter and Facebook, to hopefully encourage some of my less philanthropic friends to get involved. Would be curious to hear what feedback or engagement you get.

Is there a good article or post arguing comprehensively for the benefits of being transparent and candid about charitable contributions? I'd be interested in sharing it generally if there is.

Really cool Henry! What's the grant screenshot out of interest? Do you have some tool to track your donations? 


I set up a DAF with Founders Pledge (which is available to all Pledgers subject to a minimum £10,000 initial deposit) - it's a screenshot from their internal granting tool.