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Interested in Farm Animal Welfare, poverty alleviation, and a bit of existential risk.


Really cool Henry! What's the grant screenshot out of interest? Do you have some tool to track your donations? 

Thank you very much for taking the time to add your comment here Fai. I'm glad I posted the idea here for feedback! I've redacted the relevant parts of the post.

For the reasons you gave I'll drop the idea, unless I or someone else can think of good arguments against your comment. But I think it's quite likely you're correct and I strongly don't want to risk any of those negatives you outlined occuring.

I would be very interested to hear your other ideas around AI and helping animals feel free to dm me or comment them if you like.

What did Faunalytics do better this year to get top charity? Sorry if I missed it in their comprehensive review but I'm not able to work out why they're a better donation opportunity this year than last year. 


P.S. I love Faunalytics  work. 

Here is an interesting paper related to using machine learning to identify language patterns in psychopaths if people are interested.