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The Most Important Century


Hm. I contacted Nick and replaced it with another link - does that work?

I didn't make a claim that constant replacement occurs "empirically." As far as I can tell, it's not possible to empirically test whether it does or not. I think we are left deciding whether we choose to think of ourselves as being constantly replaced, or not - either choice won't contradict any empirical observations. My post was pointing out that if one does choose to think of things that way, a lot of other paradoxes seem to go away.

I personally like Radiohead a lot, but I don't feel like my subjective opinions are generally important here; with Pet Sounds I tried to focus on what seemed like an unusually clear-cut case (not that the album has nothing interesting going on, but that it's an odd choice for #1 of all time, especially in light of coming out a year after A Love Supreme).

I think this is interesting and plausible, but I'm somewhat skeptical in light of the fact that there doesn't seem to have been much (or at least, very effective) outcry over the rollback of net neutrality.

I think this is often a good approach!

I think "people can test their fit without much experience, but would get lots of value out of that experience for actually doing this work" is pretty valid, though I'll also comment that I think there are diminishing returns to direct experience - I think getting some experience (or at least exposure, e.g. via conversation with insiders) is important, but I don't think one necessarily needs several years inside key institutions in order to be helpful on problems like these.

I don't have anything available for this offhand - I'd have to put serious thought into what questions are at the most productive intersection of "resolvable", "a good fit for Metaculus" and "capturing something important." Something about warning signs ("will an AI system steal at least $10 million?") could be good.

Thanks! I'd estimate another 10-15 hours on top of the above, so 20-30 hours total. A good amount of this felt like leisure time and could be done while not in front of a computer, which was nice. I didn't end up with "solutions" I'd be actually excited about for substantive progress on alignment, but I think I accomplished my goal of understanding the ELK writeup well enough to nitpick it.

The link works for me in incognito mode (it is a Google Drive file).

Thanks, this is helpful! I wasn't aware of that usage of "moral quasi-realism."

Personally, I find the question of whether principles can be described as "true" unimportant, and don't have much of a take on it. My default take is that it's convenient to sometimes use "true" in this way, so I sometimes do, while being happy to taboo it anytime someone wants me to or I otherwise think it would be helpful to.


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