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Founded Giving What We Can Oxford (now EA Oxford) with Max Deacon (2010)
Founding team of CEA (now Effective Ventures) (2011)
Ran The Life You Can Save with Peter Singer (2012)
Graduated (2013)
Ventured out of the EA bubble (2014-2017)
Ran EA London with David Nash (2018)
Had some fun with Daoism (2019-2020)
Supporting EAs in various ways (2021+)


In case you haven't seen the comment below, aogara links to Katja's counterarguments here.

And fwiw, I quite like your 'backwards compatibility' argument - it makes me think of evidential decision theory, evo psych perspectives on ethics, and this old Daoist parable.

Exciting! Thank you for sharing your broad plans! And thank you to Hilary for getting GPI to where it is today.

(Readers, this is Eva Vivalt - Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics at the University of Toronto.)

~30,000 lives at ~$4,500 a life? (https://www.givewell.org/cost-to-save-a-life)

Answer by Holly MorganApr 23, 2023135
  • "The estimated the size of the movement to fight factory farming in 2020 was ~$200 million USD" (https://farmedanimalfunders.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/External-FAF-State-of-the-Movement-Report-2021.pdf)
  • Open Phil granted ~$25 million to farm animal welfare in 2020 (https://www.openphilanthropy.org/grants/?q=&focus-area%5B%5D=farm-animal-welfare&yr%5B%5D=2020)
  • "A decade ago, most of the world’s largest food corporations lacked even a basic farm animal welfare policy. Today, they almost all have one. That’s thanks to advocates, who won about 3,000 new corporate policies in the last ten years" with 88% following through. "[A]lmost every new farm animal welfare law and corporate policy globally has focused on chickens" e.g. "advocates secured cage-free pledges from almost all of the largest American and European retailers, fast food chains, and foodservice companies." (https://us14.campaign-archive.com/?u=66df320da8400b581cbc1b539&id=06c9567d81)

(Not very soundbite-y I know, but I think it conveys that when it comes to farm animal welfare, change is happening and a decent chunk of that is "EA.")

Thank you so much for sharing this (I also saw a lot of familiar names in the Acknowledgements, yourself included ❤️). I love posts on here that remember key contributors to the movement and I feel like there's a growing interest in the history of EA.

Answer by Holly MorganApr 11, 202370

[Link] The National Science Foundation has recently announced a $20 million grant pool for AI safety research, mostly in the areas of monitoring and robustness. Grants of up to $800,000 are available for researchers. First deadline May 26 2023; second deadline January 16 2024. (h/t CAIS)

Again, maybe next time include a Google Form where people can ask questions anonymously that you'll then post in the thread a la here?

"A focus on excellence rather than perfection."

I really like this.

(And I feel like it completes the aphorism "Perfect is the enemy of the good," which I believe you told me in 2010 when I was overstretching myself.)

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