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Thank you for being forthcoming and transparent. I am grateful to see people in positions of leadership doing this.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. This whole post is dense with super sensible and helpful generally applicable advice. I really enjoyed reading this.

Hi Keerthana - I’m sorry you feel the comments on this have pushed you to want to take this post down. I have previously taken down a long comment I made on something related to women’s health, that was heavily down voted (I suspect by a concerted few - based on other patterns I’ve seen on the Forum). I felt awful about this (because it felt like I was being lynched for expressing a completely reasonable and wide held opinion). But I still know what I said to be fair and a very necessary contribution to the conversation. Anyway, if you want to talk, please reach out to me. I appreciated reading your work and I thank you for putting it out there. Don’t feel silenced by a few.

Why does the Forum have a ‘karma system’? Why was it called a ‘karma system’ over any other description? Is the karma system a truly accurate reflection of a persons input into discussions on the forum?

Hi - I'm just curious what the rationale for this would be? 

Hi Dushan - this is wonderful news! I look forward to watching the growth of EA Serbia. You will be excellent in guiding this from its beginnings. 

Hi Bruce - Absolutely, I'll leave it here also so others can find it: hollydkristensen@gmail.com

Hi OP - thanks for posting. This is something I’ve been thinking a lot about too. The doctor based out of the Netherlands running Aid Access is doing a lot of good work in this space (specifically to abortion). It’s a system that has been widely scaled.

Hey Dan - thank you for your comments! Yes, this must be a fairly common anxiety. I think you make a good point that a retraction or correction goes a long way - I would certainly respect someone for publicly retracting or correcting something. 

Hey, thanks for your input, those are all helpful points. Yes, perhaps I’ll seek out a few people to ask for feedback.

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