Background: Medical doctor. Previous degree in Biochemistry with Honours (First Class). Current Masters of Bioethics student at the University of Sydney. Previous website Editor with Medic Footprints. Building a repertoire of blog articles (to publish at a later date). 


Hi all, 

Just thought I'd put it out there that if anyone would like an objective eye for written pieces - academic, assignments, grant submissions, blog posts, creative, other - I'd be happy to offer my time. Happy to look at your work simply for grammar / clarity or to give you honest feedback or ask outsider / naive questions (which can sometimes be helpful in prompting you to reword/revise something to make it simpler for your audience). 

I've done more than my fair share of written assignments, thesis revisions, to and fro with corrections/comments on pre-published papers and grant submissions as well as more formal work as an editor of blog articles (Medic Footprints).

I genuinely love helping people tighten up their work and have been the go-to assignment checker for several friends over the years. Helping you would also help me gain more experience in editing. 

So whether it's academic pieces, assignments, blog posts, grants etc. if you think this could be helpful or you want to chat to me first about whether I could help, send me an email. 

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Is this still ongoing?

Thanks for offering this!

Hi Holly - would you mind sending me your email address? I'm at Thanks so much! 

Hi Bruce - Absolutely, I'll leave it here also so others can find it: