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Thank you for providing this FAQ. Maybe you want to add this:

A support network has been set up for people going through a rough patch due to the FTX situation.

In this table, you can find the experienced mental health supporters to talk to.

  • These want to help (for free), and you can just contact them. The community health team, as well as some EA-informed coaches and therapists, are listed already.

You can join the new Support Slack here.
People can share and discuss their issues, and get support from the trained helpers as well as peers.

You can join the corresponding Effective Peer Support Slack here if you'd like to give or get immediate support:

We are looking for an EA-aligned generalist who wants to help with our mission. 

Our emerging organization aims to improve mental resilience and productivity in the EA community at scale. We plan to do so by developing an integrative stepped-care system that, among others, includes peers to train psychological skills together. We are funded by the Future Fund Regranting Program. You can find out more about our current main project "Effective Peer Support" here and here. The name of the organization will be chosen soon.

Ideally, the potential co-director has many years of relevant experience in operations, entrepreneurship, product, project, and people management. We can offer a potentially high-impact opportunity, a great team, and plenty of scope for shaping the future of the organization. Also: a team trip to Cyprus in December

The job opening is for someone with 50% FTE. Duration: 6 months for now (duration of funding), ideally starting in Dec, latest in Jan this year. The currently available budget for the salary: 2.200-3.500 USD / month for 20h/week.

We ask for applications until 9.11. (Wed). You can apply here.

Feel free to share this if you know someone who might be a fit.

Thank you for this useful content! It made me decide to listen to content instead of reading it and to increase the speed of the reading even more.

  • There are different formats: just 1:1, just group, and a combination. 
  • "Carefully chosen peers":  The peers are matched at the beginning and stay within the same group. People can change their group, if they are not entirely comfortable in their current one.
  • Goal granularity:  We have categories of topics (e.g., self-esteem, perfectionism, productivity) but also ask for specific goals people have, i.e., what they would ideally achieve by attending. The type of support they prefer to get from peers will be taken into account as well (e.g. understanding, problem-solving, belonging).
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