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Role: One-time gig or part-time (amount of hours flexible, can be only a few days) as an advisor or consultant, remote, starting as soon as possible. 

Compensation: Due to our nonprofit nature, we are looking for someone to donate their time to support the community. Though, a stipend is possible.

Application: via Google Forms (only 3 text fields). You can apply within <~5 min here


We, at Rethink Wellbeing, are looking for a seasoned fundraiser to advise us on and support our current efforts to secure funding for 2024.

Our focus has been on enhancing EA community mental health through our cutting-edge, evidence-based online program, and the estimated cost-effectiveness of our next program iteration matches that of GiveWell’s top charities. Our interim pre-post-study results show the effectiveness of the program. 

We now aim to secure funds to extend our work and to develop and distribute the scalable version of our program. Therefore, it is crucial to connect with individuals and organizations interested in supporting cost-effective solutions to supporting the EA community or supporting people with mental health challenges.

Should You Apply?

Are you passionate about making a substantial impact within the EA community or in mental health and have some hours left to help? Apply now!

We are looking for someone who has a track record in raising donations for nonprofits within the EA community OR funds for mental health interventions. Your expertise could significantly bolster our mission. While we hope for volunteer contributions, a stipend is negotiable.

Reach out for any inquiries at: contact@rethinkwellbeing.org


Why we think this role is high-impact

Rethink Wellbeing strives to foster a healthier society by enhancing individual and community mental health. Our low-cost, engaging online programs have been a cornerstone in achieving this. Through your assistance in donor strategy, we can ensure the longevity and expansion of these programs, reaching more individuals in need cost-effectively and thereby boosting the impact of the whole EA community as a strong multiplier. 

That said, by allowing us to keep moving forward, you might be the reason that the entire organization, our service, and the idea behind it will survive after 2023.

Your Role

Your role can encompass one or more of these:

  • Crafting a donor/donation strategy to appeal to potential benefactors (or support with it)
  • Identifying and reaching out to potential donors
  • Guiding the narrative to communicate with potential benefactors effectively
  • Help to create corresponding information materials, e.g., posts, etc.
  • Ensuring a transparent, engaging relationship with our donors

Your experience in fundraising will be invaluable in refining our approach, engaging with donors, and ultimately securing the resources needed to continue and expand our work.

Is This You?

We are excited to get to know you!

Apply here.




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