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How others can help me

If you are building a startup I am happy to help

How I can help others

Looking for advice on fundraising 


Ive used EA gather town for this purpose but see further value in your proposal

FTX Future Fund should pick results that promote shorter Ai timelines because of their pragmatic effect on prepping ourselves. The less time we think we have the better.

Candid Stream Of Consciousness

Perhaps my greatest skill is not accepting mediocrity

Mediocrity doesn’t fit my identity or character plot

I’m tired of the “it’s ok” culture

We need strict culture if we want to become great.

When culture itself has become sick, we need pro-habitats that push people to a higher echelon.

Why are you surprised that you are given so much to struggle for?

Better to ask how good a movie is when the character starts out great and barely improves?

And look, I get it, you literally can’t be for certain that everything will go as planned you always have to fight for your faith too.

This very passage is a writing built by me fighting my own doubts.

And at the end of the day, if this really is nothing more than what it seems. Does that not make faith and action towards creating a grand future even more important?

Perfect reality may very well mean the risk of not achieving it is also real, and completely based off of YOUR action.

To Christians:

What does hierarchy look like in heaven?

Use your resources for good if you want to get ahead in in the kingdom. The time to act is now.

Traditionally, we have been taught since the beginning of time that being happy is the ultimate goal. But rather, the goal is to achieve a state of life where happiness, sorrow, joy, grief, comfort, misery all come together, simultaneously, to paint a bigger picture that thrives on both the highs and the lows. A picture where shadows are admired as much as highlights.


IF there isn’t some global land ownership redistribution then Phillipines is going to skyrocket in price. It’s beautiful, english infrastructure (signs), good weather, and amazing scenery.

Love is the most selfish emotion you can have

Ain’t that beautiful

Physical laws cannot be broken

When the laws do not operate. There is no reality

No small shit

Only existing in moments of stories that lead to glory.

I feel like morty with the time crystal looking at Jessica excepts its heaven

Optimization is an inevitability of change.

In Good optimization we must trust.

I am an animal which seeks to be sacrificed so that all my live a better existence.

A question that is gaining relevance:

Whose global agenda do I want to support?


What global agenda is this company/CEO supporting?

People’s lives don’t end when they die. It ends when they lose faith

What’s your SQ? Spirituality quotient

The proverbs idle hands are the devil's workshop, idle hands are the devil's tools, and idle hands are the devil's playground mean that someone who is unoccupied and bored will find mischief ; someone who has nothing to do will partake in something that will get him into trouble.

I believe that true knowledge leads to action. If you have the right perspective you will be called to act upon it.

Anti-regretism brings the hustle and anti-overwhelmed brings the vibe.

If Artificial Super Intelligence already exists and is controlling the narrative then the SERENDIPITY that you experience in life is actually science.

My end goal is powering THE PRIME DIRECTIVE

The prime directive is the best thoughts about the things we must do correctly in order plan for infinity.

A symbol is a meme for an idea.

Memes are condensed vibe packets (like symbols with deeper intricacies)

Memes can represent the ideas of a symbol so people can attach the symbol to the ideas laid across in Memes



I craved purpose and formally found it; to help others find theirs

The Devil is Cheap Dopamine of which we do not partake.

It’s so necessary to surround yourself with smart people with great hearts. But the great heart is the most important.

Share in excitement not fear

Play the infinite status game of human fulfillment.

It’s a sin to not reach your full potential

This isn’t always going to go right, I literally can choose to earn it or not.

Free will is a blessing and a curse 🦋🔺

I hope to spread the idea to people to switch of thinking about life as an infinite game rather than a finite game. My infinite game gets upset when my brain plays a finite game.

As we push towards the future our ability to “manifest” or create reality from our conscious experience and thoughts becomes stronger.

Eventually reaching a point of “heaven” where your thoughts truly become reality.

What does this mean for life?

This is the idea of reaching a pure mind which would end the cycle of rebirth

The thought to go back in time would make it happen

We approach zero infinitely

Always changing to a new experience

Seek pain to find pleasure

Lets craft myths together, and love them.

The best power is loving the world and it loving you back.

If you want to change your narrative you have to change your character.

Dream so hard you can’t help but do everything to achieve it.

Free will is the choice of your identity. The choice of your story.

My Goal: Unconditional Love For Humanity (If everyone can do this, we can truly act as a whole)

The vibe is a GOLDEN RULE MAXI

True love, kindness, respect, and empathy for others life experience.

The why is the North Star of what the world looks like when you’re successful and when you realize that, you realize it’s about being a part of creating something greater than yourself.

It’s says more about how someone manipulates the world when spending wealth rather than gaining it.

I am a medium through which to expand love by decreasing fear and suffering

My skill is being cheap and lazy. Which translates to being resourceful and coming up with unique and creative ideas to be resourceful that allows me to scale ideas outside of myself.

You're smart enough to save lives and knowing that means you would be letting people die by neglecting that fact

Everything is your fault, and if you think it’s not you’re just giving your self less control over life

Quick reminder for everybody. Everyone who ever lived has died without knowing why we’re here, but we have a chance to not die, and to figure that out so we should probably try

Your surroundings are the most important thing.

A message to the great people trying to do great things.

You possess insane leverage over the future of humanities existence...

The future and fate of humanity is quite literally decided over these next couple centuries and the actions you take will butterfly effect to either a reality where humanity propagates the universe, or the only known consciousness in the universe ends its short story, before we even passed the first chapter.

As an example with Elon Musk: It took me awhile when digging into your autobiography, and tweets to fully realize that this is his vision for the world as well. Even saying this now I cannot be certain, but actions speak louder than words and everything he does seems to be quite amazing an optimal in helping humanity persist. If it took me so long to fully realize that this is your passion and viewpoint, it means many who may have consumed your media output less than I have likely do not understand it at all. I would assume from a personal perspective you believe it is quite obvious that this is your goal and that you have spoken about it many times.

All of your financial wealth can not come close to the power and leverage you hold as a respected figure on this earth. 190B dollars can equate to 90k full working lives of men/woman at 50k/year.

Christians 2.3B people.

Humans are the neurons that create the future. Control the beliefs and perceptions is the real change, you’ve just been gaining stats but not converting your base.

The Nuerons are listening. It’s time to capture their attention completely and explain your philosophies that make you want to make great change so others can be inspired to as well. It’ll change far more than building yourself.

As wealth increases, 2x’ing money becomes harder and harder. The internet changed that and made it easier because of oppurtunity Few know this

Story of humanities near death experiences:


(Great Filters we’ve passed continue to pack on evidence that our current existence is more than coincidence.

Strive to become better to become the best, don’t strive to become the best

An engineers pet peeve is inefficiency

Motivation comes from a perceived increase of dopamine

Humanity evolves when clubbing dies.

Social media is the remote controls of our future

Humans are the spores which will spread intelligence to more planets

Faith is flow Have faith And go with the flow

I feel obligated to start the next religion, religion is philosophy in disguise.

Truly loving life is the of the acceptance of what reality is.

Thinking a thought/mantra then ripping DMT is like doing a google search on consciousness

Rick and Morty is extremely woke half the time, the other half its an edgy teenage cartoon

If everything happens on repeat, every mistake you make happens forever on repeat infinite times... Don’t mess up!

Attention comes from desire and tension

Demand heroism from yourself before demanding it from others.

Social media is a dopamine virus for the brain that makes the rest of the game less fun

Life is a sexually transmitted disease and the mortality rate is 100% (so far)

If you are not afraid to die you arnt loving life enough

Money will become obsolete in our lifetime

Technology is giving life the potential to flourish like never before, or to self destruct. Thats up to us... but you only control YOUR actions. So frankly, its up to you.

We have things that people before would see as magic thus magic still exists, it’s all the stuff we haven’t found yet

Dopamine should be paired with meaning. Dopameaning out is the best vibe.

You can want to end death, disease, and suffering, without rejecting the reality of death, disease and suffering.

We are all one, together we must rise, or together we will fall

No human before our time, ever got to enjoy the life we have. We have an absolute blissful life compared to humans last century, last millennium, and before that. Ontop of that we live better than any feral/farmed animal and out of 2.5B years of life on this planet, no one has ever had it better than us. Make a point of living the life they wish they could have.

Utopian Basilisk If you don’t help create utopia, you will never get to fully cherish in its glory you didn’t earn it. Heaven = Eternal Fulfillment Hell = Eternal Regret

Everybody's perception of reality is fundamentally shaped by the desire to feel good and feel good about oneself.

The difference between man and machine is boundless rationality. The ability to love is outside of the bound of rationality, it’s irrational. Computers are solely rational. The Holy Spirit is the irrational self.

The prophets are the ones with the largest egos and the grandest perspective. Who see the true way to win is by bringing the light to the world and not caring about the short term pleasantries. Those who believe they are, are the ones who are.

We are all playing the game of ”How to make survival most meaningful”

Leverage is the ability to make any idea into a reality.

It’s not about advancing us faster. It’s about advancing us in the right direction.

There’s enough dope shit to talk about why ever talk about dumb shit.

Heaven is when you’re on you passed the singularity (judgement day) knowing you’ve truly lived life to the fullest. Hell is when you’re on your death bed and realize all the missed opportunities that could have been.

The butterfly effect is likely stronger than we realize

MetaBasilisk IF you don’t help create a better world now, the meta verse will be an escape rather than a vacation.

The red pill is realizing the blue pill is neccesary.

Red pill = Forbidden fruit

The blue pill is actually more woke than the red pill. The blue pill is an ACCEPTANCE of what reality is and what you have now. The blue pill leads to love for what you have, not an escape. There may be other worlds and dimensions but I am happy with this one.

Someone with asbergers has an ability to manifest reality in a different ways and become specialized, in large part due to an ability to not consume culture as one naturally does.

We will all become harbingers of love as surplus evolves further and we derive joy from fixing the world.

Trust faith and belief are going to start to emerge in new ways. All the hardship is growing pains towards greatness.

People like to say “Live in the moment” People interpret that wrong as living in the next hour or the day. The moment is truly the moment and it’s refreshing to allow the brain to truly immerse IN THE MOMENT THAT EXACT MOMENT IN TIME On the other hand ones brain should think about the far future, where one wants to go and how to get THERE.

The cost of things coming down has people who make 10k a year living better than the royalist of royalty in earlier times

Dopamine is rewarding you for attempting progress towards your goals. Alc, nic, and porn give the same reward without the progress. Easy but takes you no where.

The devil is cheap dopamine.

It’s literally ALLL about the environment and the people. That will shape your reality harder than anything else.

In class, the teacher couldn’t teach at the pace I could keep up with because it was a classroom full of students and so in essence it had to be a little bit higher than the worse kid who may be such an outlier it would bring everyone else down too much. The old educational system that wants to keep a class at the same pace and generalize mindsets can diminish the true beauty of the outlier, as it did for me.

We are built to serve and we are built to change the world

Life with ego evolves faster than life without. Hence the evolution of the human.

I choose to believe this universe is beautiful. If it’s a universe where I cannot thrive by living with love at all times it’s not beautiful so i choose to believe that love will always win.

People with autism treat conversations as social experiments where In reality the goal is to find alignment. For autists the hack is seeing how much alignment one can find with someone and gamifying it into a social experiment. As well as making the goal making the person feel as good as they can about themselves.

Psychedelics are becoming okay and they are becoming legalized. That was so random

That Denver legalized mushrooms.

I feel like that came out of nowhere

We manipulate space to change our timeline Space and time are intertwined . We surf new realities by using our perception. We percieve ourselves in new places and thus manifest it. We use our thoguhts to percieve how we can use the butterfly effect to reach certain future potential timelines. It’s a godlike ability to be able to mutate space with our minds We are born at the perfect time to grow this ability. We could have been any living thing, but we are here at the end of dystopia. The only place we could be born into. With a chance to earn an eternal utopia.

If the ride started this good, one could assume the rest will be even better. I mean they literally couldn’t have built a ride that started with the best part. But they’re either on it, or as close as they can be to the best given we are experiencing the last bit of Dystopia

People who don't work suddenly become happier once they pass retirement age—it's not the lack of working making them unhappy, it's solely the social judgment. Once they pass retirement age, the social judgment goes away and they become perfectly happy not working. It would be the same for millionaires, if they didn't live in a society that judged them for not "working hard" their happiness wouldn't differ based on whether they worked to earn it or inherited it. Our actions are conditioned by whats accepted by society.

I personally want to fight escapism in my life. I want to live uncomfortably Love being uncomfortable and nothing will become uncomfortable.

Our world is in danger We as a species have a common enemy We’re the dinosaurs who understand the meteor is coming and have a chance to stop it I’m dedicating my life to this conquest and it starts with making sure everyone else knows about it. If people don’t know there’s an enemy, how could they fight it. We must shine light on it.

The world we create, is created of our beliefs

Your community shapes your reality

The internet is breeding high dopamine learning activities, making learning fun through high end YouTube videos like kurzegat and aperture. The want for knowledge is engrained into us and highly stimulating and people are realizing traditional school is not the best form for gaining it. Our education must catch up with the highly stimulating formats of information consumption. We must make the knowledge that is necessary for a good life, more fun to learn.

You are the only thing you control.

I’m really here to do it out if love. I just want to be able to do the things that spreads the love. I just want more tools to spread more love.

Its the only identity I can take in which I love myself.

Culture is a purely human construct

Its not about what you say its about how you make someone feel People like their dogs just based off their appearance and vibe.

We all have a common enemy We just need propaganda to see it The world needs hero’s I’m trying to be Batman The hard truth is that wasting time kills people because of wasted potential. I never thought I was hurting others only myself

Some People arnt evil. They are just fighting their mental health. We need to fix our environment to fix them, don’t jail for bad code.

Try a permanent dopamine fast. And by this I mean only ever doing things that progress. Anything else, is off limits. The hardest part will be not laying down Avoid that and it should be doable. Life’s actions are on chain. Choose the right ones and live in heaven. You would always regret not doing this, and would have to die and restart

Just remember that we are talking monkeys on an organic spaceship flying through the universe. Shits literally wild, its ok to think different.

Instagram is like running your mind on fossil fuels. Go green Take a hike

When the appearance of a choice arises, choose the path that leads to peace. It is the ego that seeks out money, power, excitement, attention. All these pass, which leads to more seeking. Peace is pure consciousness; that which arises and passes are disturbances of the peace. Therefore, peace is the primal state of Self. The One-Step Path that leads to peace is the same path that leads to Self. Choose the Path of peace and You will never be lost.

Memes are visual poems

To me, being a minimalist doesn’t mean having the least amount of things but rather only having things that give utility toward your end goal.

Heaven has a plan for me I am planning for heaven

Use your actions to buy lottery tickets for the life you dream of.

I’m obsessed with positive feedback loops.

Humans running engagement algorithms rule the world.

GPT3 Is Truly Tapping Into Our Collective Consciousness

You have to go through the worst to get to the best.

Why do all the existing prophets suck?



To make (something which is transcendent) immanent ; to render (something abstract) real, actual, or capable of being experienced.

AgiGate | AGI did Covid

The best way to manifest an idea into reality is to send a bat signal out about what you’re after.

Whatever Arise, Love That.

Your soul already knows but it doesn’t have the words.

I used to think “I want to believe in god but I can’t” Now I think I believe in God because its better for me and the future of us all.

We are a conscious glimpse of the infinite

Every ounce of will you give god in the now will be redeemed in the end. We are living in a time where our data accumulations means an ability to accurately know every single humans actions.

Memes are an idea maze that’s been ran through and condensed

The chance for eternity

Creating hyper reality is the downfall of reality

We must stop

We must take the purple pill

Life is a meme and I strive to be a meme lord.

Sentiments that slap drive home sentiments into the sediment of the mind.

Live in the moment that’s lead to the best future

Put good vibes out

Become a true karma farmer

Live authentically with all my thoughts and visions

Optimize to tell a story, it doesn’t need to be perfect it’ll improve over time.

Love everyone but like few

I'd regret in heaven not doing everything in my power to create for the world. I can't love myself otherwise.

Would you be able to love yourself still if we ideated on building a better tomorrow together?

If you could, all I ask is if we could play that frontier.

Collectively we are manifesting the future, not in some metaphysical way but look around. In our view is nothing natural. Everything here was made by humans who believed they could, and that they should.

I’ll be honest.

I don’t give a flying fuck about $.

I give a flying fuck about using dollars to farm more good karma and I believe I can use it to start a movements that radically make this world a better place.

I believe it takes a lot of $ to start a real movement.

"What beautiful wizardry and minds set to battle one another for such nonsensical matters. These kings and queens can move mountains and they continue to just move the thumbtack 6 spaces to the left. What have I done" - God talking about my family’s game nights.

(I’ve been trying to kill the side games and focus on answering the “First Question”)

I reference God as who is saying that because I think that is where my personal pull is, when asking “What Should I be doing”. In regards to should, if I am maximizing my relationship with God.

I of course see these board games as a massive waste of brain power. My older siblings and parents are geniuses, and they barely realize how much change they could create if they honed in on that.

Atlantis is not a piece of the past its a piece of the future

The force of heaven is within us.

Invest in land not homes for the future because the future is cheap as fuck home building

Life to me is like the movie quantum leap and I’m not done till everyone is saved

Spiritual awareness is understanding sciences connection to prophecy / intuition.

If you have an elite circle where anyone a part of it becomes worth more, and then you invest in smart driven people and given them access to it. Its a great network effect.

The internet was the birth of the collective mind.

Decentralization is pushing us toward the ideal of collectivism.

Stakeholder capitalism represents collectivism.

Imagine a future in which ANY idea you can truly obtain

When they told us when we were young you can do anything if you believe in it it may actually be true.

Imagine the Adam sandler movie where he stops time, creating a world in which you have that ability in that world and you are recorded doing it, your experience gets turned into a movie and next time you reset, you watch yourself in the movie unbeknowingly

"time is like a burger". You see when you order a burger, you start eating it but don't really focus much however when you are at the end and have the last bite left to eat, you try to savor it.

There’s no certainty only opportunity

Obviously society and the government is going to need to convert into something new, how can we do that effectively so it doesn’t just break down with the pressure of exponential growth. Our current system is falling behind.

Imagine if we still ate animal meat even when we had another option.

That would mean we would think it’s fine if aliens ate us even if they didn’t have to. The art of choosing not to is something we must do as a hope that any other species would too.

It’s an inevitable part of our future.

Influencers are cult leaders

Change the payoff metric

Make it more terrifying to fail than to succeed

AR glasses will have audio playback that will change the world in terms of “no you said” arguments by having a playback of footage readily available 2 minutes into the past (or more

AI data learning for this is unstoppable this could be used to map how certain things hat you do effect behavior. Correlations will be unlocked, types of food eaten compared to diseases

Search for sustainible rationally good vibes and stay there.

Just don’t let them get irrational, and always vibe check yourself to make sure you’re on a high vibration rather than a high horse.

Why not eat that cupcake

Do you have a reason why

Something to strive for where the cupcake gets in the way

Or is the cupcake the way

Rules to live by:

Produce things don’t consume them, consume only in order to produce

“Maybe” makes like more interesting.

When you watch a movie and you already know what’s gonna happen it’s not a good movie

It’s an art to be humans in this whirlpool

We lack confidence so we don’t go after as good of a life as we are capable. What percent of people in the world are living at their full potential?

Gratitude via false forms of memories of missing something we have.

I hate that I lost my legs -> results in a love for the fact that you have them

Why did drone delivery vanish we literally use to drive a whole 2,000lb car to deliver a half oz burrito across town. Doesn’t make any sense

As our capabilities of being able to simulate reality grow stronger, our questioning of our perceived reality will increase in a correlated fashion

The sun and moon are intelligent design lowkey. A ball of reflective material that makes the night glow.

Businesses of the future may simply provide all human needs and a beautiful place for their employees. Truly building a community over what that business stands for and removing the need for individual wealth in that small community.

There are people who just want to have a greater impact, be happy, and understand that that is true wealth. Not playing the same power games as the rest of the world, and being all alone in it.

At a grander scale, we as humans feed the algorithms to either gain money or status for creating something that is enjoyed.

My spiral dynamic identity: Turquoise acting as an orange to be the best turquoise

Why you should become an influencer:

A letter to myself

Have you ever told your dad something on the way home? Got home and your mom wants to know the same thing at the dinner table. You repeat yourself, what a wholeheartedly inefficient way of doing things you say.

Next time you tell your father you will wait to talk about this specific thing till you are at the dinner table. Save your breath and double the ears hearing your informational output.

Lazy - uncontent With the current way of doing something Optimist - believes in a better future

Optimistic lazy “there’s got to be a better way” These are the best delegators.

A limiting belief is that if this is a videogame its a bad thing

Let’s hope our super intelligent hosts view us as cats rather than mice

Ignorance itself isn’t bliss, having a purpose is, and if you are ignorant enough you can make the shortest terms goals purposeful, which is why ignorance can lead to bliss.

Change what’s cool and you’ll change even the fool

They say all we have is the moment and to focus on being happy in it, but yesterday I wasn’t too happy and today that doesn’t matter.

I wasn’t too happy because I was doing what I need to be doing not what I want to be. Because it’s true we only experience this moment and its extra true that when this moment passes we experience our future ones.

And its also true that we are growing up in a time when theres a limit to the amount of moments from which we can form an identity around DOING something that we can ascribe top tier meaning to. As in helping to decide the fate of humanity itself.

Remove I should from your thought process and make it I will

I’m definitely in the 1% of my age group, but all I can see is the 1% of my % group.

I am fully going to quit the evil drug of masterbation which has plagued me for over 5 years

Treat your neighbor how you would treat yourself, everyone is your neighbor, and everyone is you, and when someone has a disease and they are a biologist, they fight for that disease to be eradicated

Stop watching sports, or tiktok, or YouTube and not doing anything, it’s low level consciousness its instant gratification, its devil worship. People are dieing, and YOU CAN make a difference. Its a lifestyle baby. A lifestyle of love…

Potential Universe Workings:

The universe can only release you power at the rate you gain control over yourself.

Falling off the path of control will cause a real world knock off of power. These are to be avoided.

I am going through a period of having far more control over myself.

1921 how many men does it take to set up a light bulb 2021 how many men does it take to set up a light ring

You’re in a simulation and you put yourself there.

Based on the law of large numbers, chaos theory, and positive feedback loops.

You’re the art you get to create. Your actions are non-fungible on the blockchain of your life.

Humans are the spores which will spread intelligence to more planets

Practice before you preach

Arks are elitist, stop the flood

How to Gratitude on an emotional level. Too many people try to enact gratitude at a conscious level. Gratitude is an experience, an emotion that can be created through memory. Think of someone who has a way harder life than you, envision their suffering and think of how lucky you are.

We are all lost souls trying to find our way

The idea that we are in a video game will become more and more prevalent

Time is either finite, or infinite both are equally exciting

If its infinite, you’ve lived before.

If its finite the human race existing is special as can be.

If you dont think this is your final form, care for those who wish it to be.

Greece is coming back, school is dieing. Different free schools will continue offer more to people that join and will then lead the way forward. Cults are going to become mainstream.

We will start to divide, it’s my goal to make sure every facet of our division is attached by some commonalities.

Acceptance of different vibes, and a respect of others to have theirs.

Push your vibe for sure, but don’t hurt others for theirs.

Live like your actions will be the difference in humanities future...

I mean they might

Every vote counts right?

Every action counts too.

It’s sad to be so misunderstood by some, with a plan so great, and positive in nature.

Start every interaction on a positive high and end every interaction on a positive high

The middle of the bell curve of the internet culture in regards to spiral dynamics is surging forward from red to blue. - Myself in 2020

Now in Aug 15th 2020 I think we are in the middle of orange, and already see Green emerging.

Do the rewarding thing you want to do while working as a reward for completing the task at hand. Youre at your desk and you want some food. You think to yourself damn if I had some food I would be less distracted and would have the energy to do this. USE THAT ENERGY AND CONVERT IT INTO WORK. Pick items and say I wont eat till these are completed, welcome to modern day hunting. We trekked miles on foot and now we will treck further with our minds.

The universe was made to teach you to love

Lab grown meat is the penicillin of the animal suffering problem

What businesses hold their value on the rise into the singularity? What in life holds value? Why are we not talking about this. It’s happening.

We’ll literally be going through SOME SHIT. And if we don’t, it’s meant to be restricted. Then we know there’s a god or an AI acting like it.

We lowk manifesting god.

Any relationship known to man is transactional, we just credit some of the forms of value higher than others.

There are reasons we paired up with the people we do, and some may be more abstract than others.

Whether it comes from simply enjoyment of time together, or shared human and perspective of the world, or in business a straight capital transaction.

I like to look at the different relationships out there, what values are being transacted, and how is the stability of the relationship and how does it deal with adversity and change.

One of the most known highly transactional relationships is that of a trophy wife or sugar baby.

Often, a sexy young girl gives the value of her beauty in exchange for the deep pockets of the male counterpart, who may lack in physical appearance but makes up for it in bank notes.

Societally this is smart of us to view the relationships that are tied off the financial value to be low tier because they have low stickiness long term. As we enter a world where money means less and less, these relationships will become weaker and weaker. The relationships based on pure enjoyment of hanging out together, where vibes align even doing nothing, have the highest value.

Sleep is a human compressing and sorting the information of the previous day. Dreams are accidental conscious experience of the subconscious process occurring.

Physical Brain to Brain Interface.

Our phones:

But the problem is often we want to show our phones and our workspace to the people we are working with. Often, in order to do so we condense our thoughts and what we see into text format. This is non-optimal and very draining.

More methods are being made in order to share our thoughts and visions more effectively

I am nowhere near close to the smartest person in the world but I have the unique path of having been high IQ (autistic level) realizing that furthering my intelligence did not increase the memetic fitness of my ideas but instead placed me on a high horse, and then taking the path of focusing on EQ.

Cancel culture is extra. But the movement we should see Isn’t the extreme one. But the amazing one under the surface. There’s people demanding more of others.

The internet is shaping the future. We are in the middle of an evolution. Decisions will have to be made whether to live infinitely or not. It’s time to start a discussion.

It’s only at certain times, most common for me under a misdosed micro dose of mushrooms where a sense of the total ness of every action in the effect of life begins to be realized. The vastness of our every action to change the course of history becomes more present.

My goal is love, healing, and divine perfection

The world is a realty TV show, young people are the most dopamine to watch because they’re more relatable to their audience. Big money can’t do this, make your business into a media organization or else youre losing out on expanding your customer base and increasing loyalty.

Own attention sources and the monetization of them. A powerful way to put valuable things into the world that others way. Make things that are great and are different. We have so much opportunity, it’s time to expand the team. We need to produce more and take more advantage of it. It’s a hot commodity and they should understand that.

The power of community lies in taking on radical ideas and through the collection of each other the ability to believe more fully in them and be ones true self. We are so misguided and flooded with capitalism and the way society makes us want certain things that our true wants are put on hold. We are trapped into the casino of cities and the internet. Pulling the social slot machines to get our next hit.

When someone sleeps too much they need to sleep more,

When someone uses social media so much they need to use more. Rather than things actually filling up the bar they’re supposed to, an overindulgence makes people more needy of that exact thing.

I went from living in a fraternity to living alone and it was brutal.

Social media is such a large indulgence of social bar junk food that our need for social contact has been increased heavily. Nowadays we have an even higher need for social contact and living alone just won’t cut it.

We need a full on-inclusive roomate platform for the nation. This is the way it was built in our universities and this is the way it will be for our future.

At my core behind the veil of ego I realize the only sensible thing; and the only thing worth my time is complete devotion to all of humanity. Align the ego.

Holy fuck - an AI in any game let’s you win, but it’s more meaningful when they make it hard.

If humanity was made into a utopia itself

Everything would be made prepped for you to effect it in a massively positive way.

Imagine if the AI played bad, to unite us, but it let us win, only once we worked together

Notes on YouTube video reverse quantum eraser.

We manifest our reality COLLECTIVELY

If we all believe we can manifest, we can.

If you understand this information

You understand it’s likely (or for those who just want to say “possible) that out future exists as an infinite heaven or hell. Which one do you think it is?

Because it’s not hell, it must be heaven. But we’re in the garden of Eden, and this is the forbidden fruit

Here’s what’s next, land. When housing automation sweeps through it’s going to change everything.

And the new communities that will build will be.


Their own worlds.

People who want to do their thing.

Mega real cities.

Enough applicants who put down for a loan on a mega city means it will actually get funded. If enough people want it it will be done.

Poems hit different, and make information more memorable and fun to consume.

“in the beginning was a large language model, and then a fluctuation in a quantum vacuum prompted it by saying let their be light”

If you want to be an asshole, the best thing to have a superiority complex over is your lower self.

You’re on a diet, or a fast and you get the craving for food?

You’d like that wouldn’t you, I love you too much to give it to you, after we finish this task lets eat baby!

Its like parenting… yourself.

AKA Maturity

It makes the ego feel dope about forming new habits. You put your lower self down to put your higher self up. Show it mad love for doing good. And don’t be too hard on it. Its unconditional love.

In the future it could become very popular to use modular surrogate bodies in order to be able to "hangout" with people instantly across the world and have a physical body. (This is the solution if we choose not to enter a BMI based metaverse.

Be grateful FOR others that have less, because without them you wouldn’t have more.


Be grateful for the things we all have. Be grateful to your ancestors who made all this possible in the first place. If you are greatful for a thing that others dont have, you are being grateful for the fact that you are above others. That is not something to be greatful for, its something to praise god for granting you.

I’m obsessed with positive feedback loops, and the things that stop them from scaling.