If info hazards represent information that can create harm or weapons of mass destruction. What information out there represents the exact opposite of that?

“An information hazard, or infohazard, is "a risk that arises from the dissemination of (true) information that may cause harm or enable some agent to cause harm", as defined by philosopher Nick Bostrom in 2011. One example would be instructions for creating a thermonuclear weapon.“ https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Information_hazard#:~:text=An information hazard%2C or infohazard,for creating a thermonuclear weapon.

I am talking about none other than dangerously good, weaponized Altruism that if spread wide enough would cause culture to update its firmware to a better value system.

For reason I am giving it the name “Info Lifeguards”

My favorite existing examples for this are:

Dead Kid Currency


Peter Singer’s Drowning Child Thought Experiment


Dead Kid Currency and The Drowning Child thought experiment are pieces of information that radically changed my view on value and my potential in the world.

I think the spread of these ideas would be hyper-positive in influencing societies understanding of how we view value, and help shift culture to move away from designer goods and watches that range from 1 dead child to hundreds of dead children.

What other info lifeguards exist that I may be unaware of?




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Religion would likely be considered an info safeguard in the past. 
I think the best info safeguard would be one that made someone commit to altruism, it would be interesting to know what the optimal flow to that mindset is. 

Or what information/video is best for it. 

That, I would consider the best infosafeguard 

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