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Hey, thanks for pointing these things out.

Re survey data, I think David Moss (or someone else from Rethink or CEA, who were involved in running the the EA Groups survey), would be better placed to respond to this. I have, however, consulted with organizers in India and the Philippines about this, and the trend seems roughly in line with their impressions.

I claim EA has made many significant mistakes as its Western-based members have tried to engage with other cultures.

I agree that this isn’t easy work and needs to be approached with caution. Being from and based in Asia, I myself have seen and heard (and read) about several suboptimal experiences as EAs from Asia try to coordinate with those in the West. As such, my proposed next steps were focussed on working with Asian organizers to develop a more thorough understanding of local contexts while helping to support stronger communication between Asian actors and core EAs. Toward this end, I’m actively trying to build an advisory board that gives input from multiple perspectives, balancing views from key Asian actors (including organizers, donors, cause area experts) with core EA orgs and experienced group organizers in the rest of the world.

That said, I would be curious to hear more about the mistakes that you have observed, as this could inform a better approach to further research.