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Good Growth is an EA-aligned organisation focusing on animal welfare and food systems in Asia. This year we’ve been working with various partners who are doing valuable and neglected work on animal advocacy in the region- we believe that some of these organisations can provide some exciting opportunities for those interested in donating and supporting the animal welfare ecosystem. 

Animal advocacy in Asia is an important and neglected cause area: Asia is home to over 45% of farmed land animals and in the last 20 years has produced over 89% of farmed fish. However, Asian advocates only receive around 7% of global animal advocacy funding[1]. Many farmed animal welfare funders are interested in supporting more projects in Asia, but face difficulties finding the right projects. On the other hand, there are more and more Asia-based advocates launching new campaigns and initiatives, but these advocates often find it challenging to get local funding or connect with international donors. 

Source: Estimates from Lewis Bollard: Lessons Learned in Farm Animal Welfare

We at Good Growth are hoping to help bridge this gap by providing more insight into the Asian advocacy landscape and showcasing some exciting new projects. In collaboration with local advocates, we have created a video on Asia funding opportunities highlighting five organisations’ strategies, and the projects they’re seeking funding for in the upcoming year.

The teams we highlight in this video are:

  • Green Camel Bell, who are working to end the farming of wild animals, such as Giant Salamanders, in China
  • Sinergia Animals, who are currently working on cage-free eggs advocacy, institutional outreach for plant-based meals, and investigations in Thailand 
  • Animal Alliance Asia, who are working on a regranting programme for international funders to reach local advocates in Asia
  • Animal Empathy Philippines who are working on capacity-building initiatives to grow the farm animal welfare movement in the Philippines; 

And finally, we speak a bit in the video about our own work at Good Growth. This year we’ll be focusing on growing the animal advocacy ecosystem across Asia in a few key ways.

  • Research prioritisation to find the most pressing and actionable research questions in the Asian animal advocacy space 
  • Developing accessible databases, providing open-source information on the state of the alternative protein market in various Asian countries
  • Building the research capacity of organisations in the Asian animal advocacy space by conducting workshops and supporting talent growth 

If you'd like to receive an email with a copy of this video and the contact details of these organisations for inquiries or donations (especially if you're a funder/grantmaker in this space), please sign up here. Please feel free to also forward it to others who may be interested in supporting projects in the region.

  1. ^

    According to estimates by Lewis Bollard at Open Philanthropy

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