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Don't panic.


But that's not a function of whether "a lot of the fixed costs (like transaction costs) have been paid". That is very specifically referring to break-even relative to costs already expended, not to counterfactual spending. It's okay if you've changed your mind, but I don't think that what you said originally is consistent with this comment.

Reply here - https://forum.effectivealtruism.org/posts/xof7iFB3uh8Kc53bG/why-did-cea-buy-wytham-abbey?commentId=tZP9seDyxvS7ot4t7

tldr: this is way more ink than should be spilt over a minor rhetorical point, but I believe it's a real and meaningful (though minor) strawmanning that selects a weaker opponent for the "keep" position to face.


Given the massive decline in expected EA liquidity since the purchase and the fact that the purchase was largely justified on the grounds that as a durable asset it could be converted back into liquid funds with minimal loss, why not sell it now?.

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Hello and welcome Sammy! Excited about Future Perfect and looking forward to what Vox does with it. It looks like your comment may have gotten cut off, to the detriment of anyone who wishes to stay informed.

I've been asked to post "500 Million But Not a Single One More" on the EA Forum so that it's easier to include in a sequence of EA-related content. I need 5 karma to post - and the most straightforward way to get that seems like straight-up begging.

Just so this comment isn't entirely devoid of content: This Week In Polio is a great way to track humanity's (hopefully) final battles against Polio and one of my go-to pages when I'm looking to feel good about my species.

You're definitely not alone - I've felt a lot of these things. Thank you for writing this. I think a lot of people are going to get a lot of good out of it.