Jakob Lohmar

DPhil Student in Philosophy @ University of Oxford
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I'm currently writing a dissertation on Longtermism with a focus on non-consequentialist considerations and moral uncertainty. Generally interested in the philosophical aspects of global priorities research and planning to contribute to that research also after my DPhil. Before moving to Oxford, I studied philosophy and a bit of economics in Germany where I helped organizing the local group EA Bonn for a couple of years. I also worked in Germany for a few semesters as a research assistant and taught some seminars on moral uncertainty and the epistemology of disagreement.

How I can help others

If you have a question about philosophy, I could try to help you with it :)


Interesting! I recently decided not to comment on a post that is not even a month old because there was no discussion about it anymore (and hadn't been even just a few days after it was posted) and I thought that my comment would be read by barely anyone. Not saying that this is generally a reasonable decision even in the current system, but sometimes it is even when one has something interesting to say... Maybe it's worth writing a longer post about this?

Hi everyone! I'm a DPhil philosophy student at Oxford University where I write a dissertation on Longtermism (see my bio for some more info). I've been involved with EA for several years and just decided to (finally!)  create a forum account. Looking forward to commenting on some of the great forum posts instead of just reading them as I did so far :)

Wasn't sure whether to write a bio because many users seem not to have one. Your post convinced me to write a bio anyway. Thanks!