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I think this is a good point (that lots of people especially newcomers might not be aware of the community health team's role when they might need it). I've been engaging with EA a lot online since maybe 2015, and in person since 2018, and I was aware of the community health team for a while but I wasn't aware that it played this particular role of investigating claims and taking action e.g. banning people, until I think last year. 

Yeah this seems pretty important to me, as it's about one of the key differences between EA and other charity (the strong emphasis on being rigourous about actual effectiveness). I saw something else similar to this recently, though can remember who from, and felt concerned about it, so glad to see you pointing this one out.

And also for people like me who don't need  to use text-to-speech but who just like using the text-to-speech of the Nonlinear Library for convenience to listen in podcast app :)

I think I would find this super helpful. low-level mental health stuff has contributed to me basically muddling around for years, nowhere near making good on what I could (in my best attempt at probably faulty self assessment) potentially learn and contribute.

I'm so intrigued by proposal 3)! I think when a friend is struggling like that I often have a vague feeling of wanting to engage/help in a bigger way than having a few chats about it, and I'm intrigued by this idea of how to do that. And also thinking about myself I think I'd love it if someone did that for me. I'm gonna keep that in mind and maybe try it one day!