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You should join an EA organization with too many employees

I think this is an interesting consideration!

I'm still curious about the opportunity cost for those people's time, though.  On first pass, it seems likely that if you feel overqualified for a position, it probably tracks something important and you should look into alternative ways of maximizing your impact. But it's good to keep in mind that even if you feel overqualified, there are legitimate reasons to still choose that position besides looking for a job.

What examples are there of (science) fiction predicting something strange/bad, which then happened?

This website is great for all things science fiction. Here's a list of technologies that were predicted (there are hundreds!):


Participate in the Next Generation for Biosecurity Competition

This sounds super exciting! Despite working in biosecurity field-building, for some reason running paper-writing competitions never occurred to me, but I think this seems like a promising direction to point biosecurity-keen students towards.

You mentioned that writing the paper took 40-60 hours, but what about the time commitment for reading papers / talking with experts?

I want Future Perfect, but for science publications

This is a really cool initiative! I think we need more organizations like ProPublica, and at the same time we should tap into existing publications and persuade them that EA ideas are good.