Prospecting for Gold - EAGxOxford 2016 - edited transcript

I've now changed that section to:

"On the right is a factorisation which is mathematically trivial and looks like it just makes things more complicated. I've taken the expression on the left and added in a load of things which cancel each other out. But I hope I can justify this decomposition by virtue of it being easier to interpret and measure. So I'm going to present the case for why I think it is."

Do let me know if you'd prefer something different to that :)

Prospecting for Gold - EAGxOxford 2016 - edited transcript

This is a heavily edited transcript of the popular talk "Prospecting for Gold". We created this edited versions because we found it hard to follow the transcripts provided by CEA and thought there could be some value in condensing, clarifying and cleaning up the transcript.

You can compare this version with CEA's version here. We'd love for you to comment suggestions on ways this can be improved further.

You can also read a transcript of Amanda Askell's talk 'The Moral Value of Information' here: https://forum.effectivealtruism.org/posts/Kb66mhLuHiTByP6mk/the-moral-value-of-information-edited-transcript-1

EA cookbook?

Not a cookbook, but you might find http://ethical.diet/ interesting. It shows 'How many hours did animals have to live on factory farms to produce various food products?'

Defining Effective Altruism

Is there a way to read the finalised (instead of penultimate) article without purchasing the book? Perhaps, Will, you have a PDF copy you own?

Center for Global Development: The UK as an Effective Altruist

The title of the CGD article is "The UK as an Effective Altruist"

New member--essential reading and unwritten rules?

Welcome to the community! And congratulations on your achievements so far!

It could be worth learning study skills so that you can do better in your degree and/or get your coursework done in less time, freeing up your time to learn other things, explore EA, or just have fun.

I was surprised when coming to university how much people study skills differed, and I don’t think it’s unreasonable to say that you can free up weeks (months?) of your time and save yourself a lot of stress through good study skills.

I’d recommend the cousera course called learning how to learn. https://www.coursera.org/learn/learning-how-to-learn

Beyond this, university is a great time to try new things, try out new lifestyles and habits, and do self improvement. Going through the things in this list would get you off to a flying start, I reckon https://80000hours.org/career-guide/how-to-be-successful/ I’d also just recommend trying out new societies and clubs that are available at your university, in case you find something interesting and useful or fun.

Differential technological development

Indeed. Although there is an upper limit still, since there surely is some limit to how much value we can extract from a resource and there are only a finite number of atoms in the universe.

AI Governance Reading Group Guide

Do you have a template of the shared document that you used? Or was it a quite unstructured blank document?

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