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I think our service is easier to use. Group leaders should feel free to use whichever service they like.

Evidence, cluelessness, and the long term - Hilary Greaves

My understanding is that "complex cluelessness" is not essentially identical to"deep uncertainty", although "deep uncertainty" could mean a few things and I'm not sure exactly what you have in mind.

My understanding is also that the term is not essentially identical to "uncertainty" "Knightian uncertainty" "wicked problems" “extreme model uncertainty” or "fragile credences"

I do however think that EAs often use the term "cluelessness" incorrectly in a way that makes it more similar to these other terms. I think this is because cluelessness is a confusing topic to wrap ones head around correctly.

On time management: I save an hour a day by scheduling everything I do.

I've recently been liking using to schedule my day. You tell it all your tasks and when they're due and connect your calendars and it automatically schedules all your tasks and blocks them out in your calendar (intelligently sorting them so that they all get done on time, and automatically resolving conflicts when meetings pop up)

We need alternatives to Intro EA Fellowships

This is great! I agree we need more experimentation beyond long intro 'fellowships'. I like all 4 of your suggested alternatives and hope you and others try them out and share your learnings.

Shelly Kagan - readings for Ethics and the Future seminar (spring 2021)

If anyone were able to find pdfs for all of the papers and share the links here, that would be much appreciated

Shelly Kagan - readings for Ethics and the Future seminar (spring 2021)

I wasn’t aware it was first published in your blog. Thanks for nudging Prof Shelly Kagan to share their syllabus!

2018-2019 Long-Term Future Fund Grantees: How did they do?

Is there a useful way to financially incentivise these sort of independent evaluations? Seems like a potential good use of fund money

EARadio - more EA podcasts!

Done! Thanks for working on this! Do the other links still work fine?

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