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Thanks for the kind words. 

We agree that LISA can be a focal point for meetings between all types of AI safety experts (technical, socio-legal, and political) you mention. We believe that enormous value comes from facilitating exchanges of ideas between those with different expertise in a common venue dedicated to AI safety.

The location of LISA's office is likely to change to Old Street/Shoreditch in the coming months. This location is good for policy experts and technical researchers (near the Kings Cross tech offices). It also places it close to important transport links (Kings Cross & St Pancras, for travel to Cambridge and the continent; Paddington, for travel to Oxford; and Liverpool St, for many other locations).

Resident researchers can host visitors.

We also agree with your assertion that `socio-legal and political researchers are a vital piece of actually pitching technical findings'. There is certainly no rigid split between technical and non-technical. Each member application will be evaluated according to the criteria outlined in our membership overview document. Also, note that we expect many member applications to be (I) visiting researchers, often based in the US (or Europe), who want to work from an AI safety hub in London only for a short period, (ii) experts based in the UK (even London) who might only want to use the LISA office space once or twice a week.