List of EA-related organisations

Notion is a great idea! I know how to use that already so I went ahead and made the wiki. Here's the page. Please let me know what you think of it (and whether you can edit it okay and everything).

Introducing Animal Advocacy Africa

This is great! I hope the first stages go well and look forward to hearing more!

List of EA-related organisations

Thank you for this Jamie!

I've been using the slightly looser definition of any organisations  that are currently or formerly "Top Charities" or "Standout charities." This would add quite a few to your list.

I had quite a debate about whether to expand the list to some of these charities. I decided against it in the end in order to keep the list to a manageable length (for both me and people reading it). 

  • Veganuary
  • Sentience Politics
  • Global Food Partners
  • Aquatic Life Institute
  • 50by40
  • Credence Institute
  • Farmed Animal Funders

Good suggestions!  I already had ALI on the list but the rest I hadn't heard of/realised that they aligned with EA. I'll make some additions to the list!

This seems veeeery broad and I imagine there are lots that would be added by this criterion. Personally I  wouldn't use it.

Yeah, I can see that there's a fair amount of randomness introduced by this criterion (I obviously haven't attended every EA Global or read every EA Forum post). However, I like that it allows for the addition of orgs that I know definitely apply EA thinking but don't necessarily mention EA on their website. 

Thanks again for your comment. Sorry this reply is a bit late and hope the survey went well!

List of EA-related organisations

I'm not familiar with GitHub, but if anyone sees this and thinks it is worthwhile to convert this list onto GitHub then please do!

List of EA-related organisations

Thank you for this! I won't add DMI, since it is currently a GiveWell standout charity  rather than a 'top charity' (and my criteria is just to list their top charities, in order to keep this list easier to manage!). 

I'll add OPIS - that's a great addition!

List of EA-related organisations

Added! It's so great to find out about all these EA orgs I hadn't heard of before!

List of EA-related organisations

Thank you for those recommendations Brian, much appreciated! I have added the majority of them onto the list :)

Introducing Fish Welfare Initiative

Really glad to see an organisation focused on this cause. I look forward to following your progress!

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