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Hi Barry, thanks for your response. Yes, the event last Dec 5 goes very well' and will continue event with invites next year, as of now, we will going to have few discussions once a week to learn more about EA and to be equipped ' before we conduct another event to Introduce EA. It will really be a great help for us if there's someone like you who will guide us on building the community. As of now, you can contact us through our fb page. www.facebook.com/EffectiveAltruismPhillipines

Hi Eirin, the event goes very well with some friends and invites. Yes, It would be more exciting if we help each other's chapter. I will tell to my group about EA Norway. You can send also a message on our fb page (not active for content sharing as of now) 😅

Hi Michal, I'm with Kate actually. She sent an email to you, please respond as soon as possible, Thanks.