Hi everyone, we're putting up an EA Chapter here in the Philippines. We are looking for people who could help us.
We've already done 2 meet-ups in 2 consecutive weeks (4 people came to both), and next week, December 5, we will be having another meet-up, together with some friends and invites. Any suggested speaker for a short EA Introduction and advice?. 🙂




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Hey Jeffrey, check out "EA Resources" by LEAN and fill in this form by CEA. You can also reach out to the local presence in Manila by writing manila@eahub.org. Good luck with growing your group!

Hi Michal, I'm with Kate actually. She sent an email to you, please respond as soon as possible, Thanks.

Hi! Hope your meeting today goes well. I agree with Michal at the Local Effective Altruism Network (LEAN) and Alex at the Centre for Effective Altruism (CEA), and think those two groups are the best to reach out to.

I'm from EA Norway, and I think it would be exciting to set up a call to introduce ourselves and see if we can help at all. I think just saying hi and explaining what we're doing in Norway and hearing what you're doing in the Philippines could be useful. Email me at eirin@effektivaltruisme.no if you'd like to set up a call.


Hi Eirin, the event goes very well with some friends and invites. Yes, It would be more exciting if we help each other's chapter. I will tell to my group about EA Norway. You can send also a message on our fb page (not active for content sharing as of now) 😅

Hey Jeffrey,

Great to hear you are interested in starting an EA group! I hope your event today goes well, and apologies for the delayed response. I work on the CEA group team to provide support to EA groups. Here are some of my thoughts for new groups starting out:

It is key that anyone leading a local group has a solid understanding of effective altruism, so that they can answer questions from community members, and avoid potentially giving anyone a misleading impression of EA. This means having a level of knowledge at least equivalent to the EA handbook, or Doing Good Better. If you feel you don’t yet have this level of knowledge, then we recommend you take some time to grow your knowledge now, and start your group later. If you're not sure, we're happy to talk with you about what makes sense to do, just get in contact at groups@centreforeffectivealtruism.org.

We have collected together a common set of resources we expect to be of use to many groups in this Google drive folder and there are also resources hosted on the EA Hub as mentioned by Michal.

For guidance on group strategy also see this page on effectivealtruism.org which contains many links to other helpful resources, and for information about getting CEA funding for your group see here.

We also recommend new groups fill out this Google form, to help us at CEA keep track of the groups, and provide you with more personalised support.

Finally to get more regular information about running a group we recommend signing up for the monthly EA groups newsletter, as well as the group organisers’ Facebook group, and the group organisers’ Slack.

Hi Barry, thanks for your response. Yes, the event last Dec 5 goes very well' and will continue event with invites next year, as of now, we will going to have few discussions once a week to learn more about EA and to be equipped ' before we conduct another event to Introduce EA. It will really be a great help for us if there's someone like you who will guide us on building the community. As of now, you can contact us through our fb page. www.facebook.com/EffectiveAltruismPhillipines

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