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Thanks for sharing and your great work during the last year. Having talked to you several times, I was and am impressed with your systematic approach to finding product-market fit/high expected impact opportunities, your ability to build MVPs to test ideas quickly, and your courage to discontinue programs that do not meet your bar.  

I think the latter is hard especially after investing weeks of work into programs and it is easy to trick oneself into motivated reasoning, about why it might be worth continuing the program. I admire you for having the courage to make tough judgment calls. Probably most of us should stop mediocre activities (earlier)

Interesting read! Thanks for sharing! I imagine some points might even apply to 

  1. university groups e.g., targeting specific people who could fill talent gaps or doing A/B testing (even though I am very uncertain about this)
  2. myself (and potentially other EAs) e.g., I should probably prioritize looking for open jobs and forwarding it to relevant people even higher. Personally, I keep a list of the top ~10 most promising people I know and who could be open for new positions and try to keep them in my mind, if I stumble across opportunities. This post is a good nudge to potentially think about a more systematic and time-effective approach to this low-effort/passive matchmaking.

For the EACN, we 

  1. have put some thought into tracking metrics of members to make meaningful referrals. Probably it is still not optimal and needs adaption based on your groups circumstances, but feel free to reach out, if this is of interest to your group
  2. did A/B/C/D testing with all the workplace groups at the different consulting firms (Note: the EACN only servers as an umbrella org and includes several workplace groups as well as consultants without a workplace group). We want to spend the summer learning from each other's different community-building approaches after 1 year of trying things. I hope we can share insights and scale what has been working to other groups (both within the EACN and potentially beyond, if applicable)
  3. are currently developing a plan to target social impact student consultancies to address the top 2 (out of 3) EA orgs needs for talent: management and ops. We are currently exploring a potential partnership with 180° degrees consulting, which has 150+ student chapters and want to partner with EA university groups to do some outreach pilots. Let us know if you would be interested in potentially setting up a pilot at your university with a local social impact student consultancy

Looking forward to learning more from other groups

Congrats on the excellent progress! Very excited to see where your journey will lead and what learnings you can share 

Maybe a consideration for you (uncertain how relevant this is for your target group though): for the Effective Altruism and Consulting Network LinkedIn and the group work quite well to invite people to events with only 2 clicks. 

I only have anecdotal/weak evidence, but I know that some members of the Effective Altruism and Consulting Network felt encouraged to apply for roles at Open Phil after learning that they already hired several consultants

Thanks for sharing your considerations! I love the approach. Is there a collection/overview of case studies of Software Developers, who had a lot of impact e.g., by community building, transitioning to AI safety, doing earning to give. I imagine that might be quite helpful for software developers, who are thinking about how to optimize their impact

I think workplace advocacy is one thing workplace groups can do. It sounds more fitting than activism as activism has downside risks. Maybe create another tag for w&p groups to 

  1. cover also professional groups e.g., ea finance network
  2. to account for all activities workplace groups are doing e.g., simply retaining highly engaged EAs

Would propose to rename tag to: workplace and professional groups as this covers more broadly what EAs are doing at the workplace. alternative would be to create a new tag

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