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At Giv Effektivt (Denmark), we're looking towards expanding from Global Health to multiple cause areas by next summer (2024), probably starting with a limited set of options. Your work here will play an important role in those decisions. Thanks!

A fun meta-reflection: where will this chain of evaluations stop? Will there be an evaluation of evaluator-evaluators? Evaluations all the way down? I guess whatever goes down in the comments here will be exactly that.

Re Top Charities vs All Grants, you can read it in the linked evaluation on GiveWell: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rn1d69KR3zfVzZaRZvSZNp1vcDap1hudzxngNqeFHuc/edit. As I read it, it's both - and an evaluation of GiveWell as an advisor overall.

GWWC picked Deworming as a probe into the difference between All Grants and Top Charities, and came away with the expected conclusion. Paraphrased: "AGF recommendations are highly impactful in expectation but with a wider outcome space (higher uncertainty either way)".

All EU citizens can now sign up as members! We're currently at 210 / 300 members, so please consider helping us reach tax deductibility by signing up as a member here: https://giveffektivt.dk/become-a-member/

I updated the post to reflect this.

Thank you, Esben! We have a great team, so it looks like we can put a lot of continued effort into maximizing the effect of charitable giving in Denmark.

Thank you for helping to kickstart this, Jørgen! Drawing on your 5+ years of experience almost feels like having cheat codes.