We're thrilled to announce the launch of https://giveffektivt.dk - a Danish regranting site for effective charities. Our mission is the same as all the great regranting sites out there: we want to channel the largest possible amount of money towards effective charities.

You can read our announcement posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Any likes and interactions with those profiles/posts would make us more visible.

Our greatest obstacle right now is getting 300 members to enable tax deductibility. If you live in EU or the European Economic Area, you can help us by signing up as a member (50 kr./year, no spam) - and perhaps even making a friend, partner or family do the same. It's a formality, but an important one: https://giveffektivt.dk/become-a-member/ 

Otherwise, the inflow of donations has been great so far!




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Some context for this initiative and how impactful it could be. I'm heading Gi Effekivt (www.gieffektivt.no) in Norway - the inspiration for Ge Effektivt (www.geeffektivt.se) in Sweden and now Giv Effektivt in Denmark. We've been up since 2016 and fundraised NOK 32 million (~$3.5 mill) to GiveWell recommended charities so far.

Creating national EA donation platforms with localization of content and payment methods should be a no-brainer in my opinion. People seems to have a much lower barrier for donating to a registered, transparent charity in their own country. For countries with tax deduction - securing this is an important sales point as well. Creating and running a donation platform is a great movement building experience as well. It's concrete, easy to grasp the value of and many different skillsets (marketing, content, development, legal, organizing, accounting and so on) are useful, but few skills are essential as a simple website with some info and a bank account number to donate to is enough to get started.

Your Norwegian example is really inspiring in this space!

I just want to point out that in some places a bank account number to donate to is not going to be enough - for example in Finland the regulations on collecting donations and handling donated money are quite strict, so better check your local requirements before starting to collect money.

Thank you for helping to kickstart this, Jørgen! Drawing on your 5+ years of experience almost feels like having cheat codes.

All EU citizens can now sign up as members! We're currently at 210 / 300 members, so please consider helping us reach tax deductibility by signing up as a member here: https://giveffektivt.dk/become-a-member/

I updated the post to reflect this.

Thank you very much for organizing this and I have of course donated in all the ways possible! Good luck and great work, Jonas and co. I'm excited to see the results.

Thank you, Esben! We have a great team, so it looks like we can put a lot of continued effort into maximizing the effect of charitable giving in Denmark.

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