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I spent my last decade earning-to-give as a hedge fund portfolio manager, failed to become a billionaire, and am now pivoting toward direct work. I write grants personally, out of my small foundation / DAF, and as a speculation grantor for the Survival and Flourishing Fund. Previously, I built and led my employer’s 20-evaluator (non-EA) grants process, and represented my company as a grantmaker for The Fore.

I principally (by dollars) give to GiveWell top charities, but am particularly proud of my early / seed support of new projects, including Charity Entrepreneurship-incubated Suvita, Happier Lives Institute, and Family Empowerment Media. I am a trustee of Suvita and chair the Founders Pledge investment committee, where I helped design the investment strategy for the Patient Philanthropy Fund.

Previously, I was in London, where I hosted (briefly) the EA Schelling dinner and co-hosted the post-EAG robot warehouse parties. Currently, I live in The Neighborhood, an EA-y intentional community in SF. I adore my two-year-old daughter, board games, fine dining, and deals.