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Seeking (paid) volunteers to test introductory EA content

Strong upvote for fantastic introductory opportunities that are paid! :) 

A ranked list of all EA-relevant documentaries, movies, and TV series I've watched

The movie isn't very accurate to the source material ( I still like it a ton though!!) but the book is amazing- it does a ton of accurate state modeling which is so good that I went to a panel with the author and everyone was commenting on how he got it so right!! :) 

A ranked list of all EA-relevant documentaries, movies, and TV series I've watched

This is so excellent. Thank you :) Cannot wait to watch more of these. A strong endorsement from me on Pandemic, and Contagion! I wish they had done an accurate rendition of WorldWarZ it is such an amazing book! 

Training Bottlenecks in EA (professional skills)

When we calm down a bit post the launch of Round 3, I will do a deep dive into our feedback and make a mini-post for the Forum. I think we are seeing some emerging themes after 2 rounds: Peer-to-peer seems to be surprisingly helpful and highly rated, accountability/encouragement to apply for opportunities when job-seeking is potentially very useful and high-impact for excellent hires who may struggle with their confidence when applying to highly regarded orgs, having an optional structure seems good to ensure engagements don't fizzle off due to social awkwardness, but one-offs can also be the best tool in certain cases, a diversity of activities (mentoring, ice-breakers, peer-to-peer, training) appears to make both mentors and mentees happier and more engaged, mentoring seems better when approached as a community-building exercise not just a way to facilitate a 1-1 engagement, individual mentor and mentee experience matters a lot, if you reach 1 excellent person and they have an excellent experience and tell 5 other excellent people you reach communities you wouldn't otherwise necessarily reach through marketing or whatever, be super clear who you are serving and listen to them, make sure they feel welcome and heard because even the best-intentioned plans have blind spots :) The list goes on but those are my top lessons learnt so far. 

Chi: We used an external trainer but I think we should make our own materials on Imposter Syndrome and I am hoping to get more bandwidth to do so with help. I have my eyes on some potential partners for this but it's all about time right now. With that said, I think there is impact gold if we could do this and do it well because I see confidence as a huge bottleneck right now! Big thanks to both. 

Training Bottlenecks in EA (professional skills)

Great post- Kathryn of WANBAM here. I would be very happy to share insights on what I have found has and hasn't worked with mentorship projects with anyone considering exploring this area. We have provided similar insights to emerging mentorship programs over the last 6 months or so. You can find me at <eamentorshipprogram@gmail.com>. Thank you.

WANBAM is accepting expressions of interest for mentees!

Aww, thank you so much, Ozzie :) Have a lovely weekend :)

EA Meta Fund Grants – July 2020

Hi, I am the CEO of WANBAM. I would be delighted to welcome and support emerging EA mentorship programs with lessons learnt and advice. You can reach me at eamentorshipprogram@gmail.com. One of the things I love about WANBAM is we are experimenting with what works (and doesn't)! I hope as we dial it in we will add value to emerging projects with lots of different communities and purposes. Be in touch! :)

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