I founded and work at WANBAM.


EA Meta Fund Grants – July 2020

Hi, I am the CEO of WANBAM. I would be delighted to welcome and support emerging EA mentorship programs with lessons learnt and advice. You can reach me at eamentorshipprogram@gmail.com. One of the things I love about WANBAM is we are experimenting with what works (and doesn't)! I hope as we dial it in we will add value to emerging projects with lots of different communities and purposes. Be in touch! :)

Should we be donating/volunteering for the Biden campaign?

Can confirm - can also confirm it is always best to check the pronunciation of where you are calling because Tucson is not pronounced Tuck-San. :D

EA Survey 2019 Series: How EAs Get Involved in EA

This is going to be so useful for WANBAM. Thanks so much :) Your work is very impressive!

We asked mid to senior career women and non-binary people what resources they would recommend. Here’s what they said.

Thank you, as Rowan says the intention of keeping the list is really to build go-to introductory level and particularly used resources with the goal of expanding how useful we are to the EA community (specifically newcomers) in general. Thanks so much for these links. Also, not to plug our own work but we are running a seminar series right now where we interview mid level to senior level women in the EA community. Details on our Facebook page. Love to see you both there. Our next one is with Rosie Campbell from PAI. :)

EA lessons from my father

Nothing terribly original for me to add but this is a beautifully written article and your dad sounds like an amazing person.

Prioritizing COVID-19 interventions & individual donations

( I should have combined my answers- I didn't see this until after I pressed send):

Hello there, you can see information on how The Life You Can Save's Recommended nonprofits are addressing the Covid-19 Pandemic over at < https://www.thelifeyoucansave.org/charity-stories/how-our-recommended-charities-are-addressing-the-covid-19-virus/ >. I urge anyone with questions to get in touch with our team! My contact details are kathryn.mecrow@thelifeyoucansave.org. Thanks so much.

Prioritizing COVID-19 interventions & individual donations

Hi All! In the proposals section you mention Development Media International (DMI). I work at The Life You Can Save and on the 19th May 6 PM (GMT) we will hold a Fundraiser where the CEO Roy Head of DMI will present on their work and take audience questions. We would welcome people considering donating to DMI who would like further information to get in touch with me over at kathryn.mecrow@thelifeyoucansave.org. Thank you.

Shoot Your Shot

Hi there! My name is Kathryn and I work with The Life You Can Save, specifically managing the Giving Games Project. I frequently run Giving Games and semi-frequently skype into classroom settings to answer questions. I've also worked with some schools to develop events activities. I can likely help. My contact information is <kathryn.mecrow@thelifeyoucansave.org>.

AMA: We are Jon and Kathryn. We work with The Life You Can Save. Ask us anything!

Great question, thank you, Aaron :) The main metric we use is “Net Impact” which is the money we moved to our recommended nonprofits minus our operating expenses. As a secondary metric, we look at our “leverage factor” or “multiplier.” This is the ratio between our money moved and our expenses. To give an example of why we prioritize our net impact, we would rather spend $1 billion to move $5 billion (Net Impact = $4 billion, Multiplier = 5) than spend $100 to move $1,000 (Net Impact = $900, Multiplier = 10).

In 2018, we moved ~$5.25 million to our recommended nonprofits and spent ~$460,000. Our net impact was ~$4.8 million and our multiplier was ~11. We’re still in the process of calculating our 2019 financials, but we know we have seen significant growth. Our money moved should be at least $11 million, and we expect our multiplier to around 15x. Based on the last two years, we estimate a $10 donation to our operating budget would generate ~$110-$150 in donations to our recommended charities.

For money moved, we count donations that are made through our site and directly to our recommended charities citing us as an influencer. We generally consider our numbers to be conservative, as we expect some of the donations we influence to be unreported. We discussed how we think about counterfactuals at length in the appendix to our 2017 annual report.

With respect to tracking impact from Giving Games, we plan to publish an annual report with analysis of our data soon.

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