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I am happy to help newcomers to EA :) Just drop me an email at 


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Hi Paula, (1) "I encourage the FEM team to engage in more rigorous research and to focus on capacity-building..."  FWIW, I think giving the organization (who are engaging with this thread) more time to respond on the point you raise about the PMA survey would be significantly preferable than making a conclusion in either direction at least based on my reading of this thread. (2)"...partnering with other organizations that have a great deal of experience working in this space over a long period of time..." Two separate points: a. to what extent do you know they don't do this? I know them to have extensively engaged with local organizations and had at least information sharing conversations with international organizations (f.e. Development Media International who were founded in 2005) from my very loose following of their work over the years. b. Sadly, and much to my personal heartbreak, from having worked in international women's human rights myself for a number of years, it is certainly not the case that an organization who has been around a long time is more effective or even effective at all than an evidence-based, well run and connected new organization. I have actually been deeply disappointed by the average  long-standing organization in this field but perhaps you have had better luck! :) Thanks! 

Sorry, Linch- Austin is totally right. I am just useless at the Forum :) 

FWIW: I want to offer a strong dissenting voice that I do not like how this has been handled in this comment section. Saying something isn't intended to be harsh and mean doesn't make it not harsh and mean. You can point out things that concern you without singling out individual people and I think the average person would have found this incredibly hurtful and off-putting. 

Thank you so much. Magnify Mentoring would put to excellent use further donation support from the community. We have 200 mentee applications this time which I am currently reviewing and matching. On specific support, I am aware of Magnify Mentoring's work, Epoch and FRI's Mentorship program, and GPI's recent programming.  I am also working out whether we (Magnify) should do some Bay-specific event programming (think activities to further create a warm, welcoming space, focused on cheap information dissemination and career building activities) and I expect I'd try and raise a small side budget to this but I am still working out what already exists and what has been tried. Thank you so much, Ulrik and my turn to apologize for missing this ;)

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Hi Liv :) 
Look at the swap card user database well in advance, identify who you want to talk to, and book meetings early with them (particularly if they are recruiters or mid-senior career professionals). Take notes during the meeting so you know what you talked about. Get an email for follow-up actions if there are any. I don't remember meetings after so I rely on the other person to follow up unless it's me asking them for help. I also stake a table near a meeting point so I don't have to find people and do walking coffee meetings or form a fetching coffee alliance with friend/husband.  
 These are basically just professional opportunities for me so I pack in a lot of meetings, get 8 hours of sleep, and stay 2 days after the conference ends if I want to see friends. I am also old, and boring, and these are part of my job so your mileage may vary :) You are welcome to hit me up if you'd like a friendly face and recommendations of people to meet!


Lilly: I am so pleased to read this- thank you for sharing your experiences with our network. 
I hope it is appropriate to mention here, on the note of EA funding, that Magnify Mentoring got close to the wire funding-wise this time. Thanks to incredible individuals from our network, we now have enough funding to open rounds for applications in May to coincide with EAG London. We are not yet​ ​at our total fundraising 2023 goals. We are so excited to be able to welcome our new cohort of mentees though! :) If I can do anything at all to help in the meantime, please reach out to me at Kathryn ( If you are reading this and find our work compelling, we would love to hear from you. Thank you so much!

"Valentine’s Day... Eh... who are we kidding?" 

Ooh, touche...  Like 5k to AMF that she didn't intentionally forward it knowing it was confidential and instead made an innocent mistake? Any more than that and I'm sleeping in the shed...  ;)


FWIW: I've known Julia for nearly 10 years. She is scrupulously honest and careful.  I would bet all the money I have  (literally not figuratively) that she just made an honest mistake. I also don't understand how this is relevant to the current complaint (FTX). This happened years ago and she's already publically commented on it and apologized. 

Edited to add: I am seeing a pattern where commentaries lately pull out individual mistakes from any time frame and of any type to support a broader image of EA as committing malfeasance. I think this is epistemically shaky and beneath the standard of kind and collaborative criticism, I broadly hope for from members of this community. 

Second edit: I've added a strikethrough after my husband pointed out some language in our Terms of Service.

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