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I founded and work at Magnify Mentoring.

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I am happy to help newcomers to EA :) Just drop me an email at 


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Ooh, touche...  Like 5k to AMF that she didn't intentionally forward it knowing it was confidential and instead made an innocent mistake? Any more than that and I'm sleeping in the shed...  ;)


FWIW: I've known Julia for nearly 10 years. She is scrupulously honest and careful.  I would bet all the money I have  (literally not figuratively) that she just made an honest mistake. I also don't understand how this is relevant to the current complaint (FTX). This happened years ago and she's already publically commented on it and apologized. 

Edited to add: I am seeing a pattern where commentaries lately pull out individual mistakes from any time frame and of any type to support a broader image of EA as committing malfeasance. I think this is epistemically shaky and beneath the standard of kind and collaborative criticism, I broadly hope for from members of this community. 

Second edit: I've added a strikethrough after my husband pointed out some language in our Terms of Service.

Take a break: Do something entirely unconnected to EA that brings you joy. 


Hey :) I was raped before I was involved in EA. I normally find these discussions hard and frustrating. I feel we often talk past one another and that the people with similar experiences withdraw because it's still painful/ they get frustrated and hurt. I would like people like me to know: 1. There are a lot of people who have similar experiences to me who are active in the EA community. You may not see them here because of the aforementioned issue but we are here. 2. There are a lot of people who take these issues very seriously, including me, 3. I trust and endorse Catherine Low entirely. She has seen it all with me and has been kind, empathetic, and not unilateral. 4. To the extent possible, please consider reporting either to Catherine, the community health team or the police, or both. Kirsten is entirely right, this is horrifically unfair and you have no obligation to do so, but it is very important that people with a track record of sexual (any) violence not be in positions of power in any institutions or communities for the safety of other community members. 5. If there is anything whatsoever I can do, including talking openly about my experiences (I do have a blog draft actually about how I coped with my rape) which I am happy to share, an adamant vouch for Catherine and CEA's team, or just generally a cup of tea, you should hit me up.  


Hi hi :) Are you involved in the  Magnify Mentoring community at all? I've been poorly for the last couple of weeks so I'm a bit behind but I founded and run MM. Personally, I'd also love to chat :) Feel free to reach out anytime.  Super Warmly, Kathryn 

They don't and I'm sorry. If you want to chat feel free to hit me up (  

I don't agree. I am monogamous but some of the most loving and healthy families I have ever seen are poly. Most of my relationship goals are from poly families. 

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