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My experience of returning to work after having a baby

You are amazing! Warmest Congratulations! :) 

Insights into mentoring from WANBAM

Update: New section added on the role of feedback in mentorship relationships. I additionally highlighted our recent Status Update: 

 WANBAM released their blog post “WANBAM: Successes and challenges from our first two years.” The post summarizes their activities, initial results, and their risk mitigation steps.

Noticing the skulls, longtermism edition

I really love this article, thank you for taking the time to put it together. Obviously, I am biased, but I think a potentially strong second conclusion is that we should continue to take seriously building a community that has strong norms around making sure we attract and retain the best possible people from a diversity of approaches and expertise. I worry much more about our failure mode being we inadvertently form an echo chamber and miss or overlook how to weigh the importance or likelihood of potential ways we might be wrong/ potentially doing harm than I worry about overt bad faith. 

Lessons from Running Stanford EA and SERI

Just popping up to say that I am continually amazed by your work :) I get the best mentees and mentors from you and I am blown away by your hardwork.  Thank you so much! 

FINAL CHANCE TO APPLY FOR THIS ROUND. Applications for mentees will close on the 30th. We are delighted by the applications so far and will be in touch with everyone who applied on the closing date with the next steps. Thank you so much! 🙂

An animated introduction to longtermism (feat. Robert Miles)

Absolutely :)  Sky Mayhew <> and <>. Sky is incredibly kind and has always given me brilliant feedback when I've had to do external-facing stuff before (which I find intensely nerve-wracking and have to do quite a lot of ). I can't speak more highly of their help. The people who have given me feedback on my sharing your video have mainly done so in the form of WOW face reactions on Slack FWIW- I'll let you know if I get anything else. My husband also loves this type of stuff and was psyched to watch your video too. :)

An animated introduction to longtermism (feat. Robert Miles)

Hey- Don't be sad. It's really brave to do work like this and make it public - thank you :) I'd definitely recommend this to newcomers (Indeed, I just did! Edited to add: The animations are so cool here!).  You might consider sending future drafts through to CEA's press team- they have a large network of people and I have always found the quality of their feedback to be really high and helpful! Thanks again for this!    

EA Survey 2020: Demographics

To add to Barry's point, WANBAM has interfaced with over 500 people in the first two years of our operations, so a smaller pool than this survey (more here).  Our demographics (setting aside gender of course) are quite different from the EA Survey findings. 40% of our recent round of mentees (120 people in total this round) are people of color. There is also significant geographic diversity with this round of mentees coming from the US, UK, Australia, Germany, Philippines, France, Singapore,  Canada, Switzerland, Belgium, Norway, Netherlands, Spain, Brasil, Denmark Mexico, India, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Ghana, Czech Republic,  Finland, and Sweden.  

Mentees most frequently selected interest in emerging technologies (67%), Research (59%), Public Policy, and Politics (56%), International development (49%), Cause prioritization (49%), Community Building (43%), High impact philanthropy (41%), mental health and wellbeing (40%), Philanthropic education and outreach (33%), Operations (33%), Animal advocacy (30%), Women in technology (29%), and Earning to Give (20%).

I suspect there are subtle dynamics at play here around who is completing the survey. What's your phrasing on the external communications around who you want to take it? Do you specify a threshold of involvement in EA? Happy to put our heads together here. Thanks! Warmly, Kathryn

Insights into mentoring from WANBAM

Yes! We have a couple of pieces a bit like this, notably our career profiles and a blog I put together /update around once a round of resources recommended by our mentors/mentees and indeed the piece above. In our post-survey, I ask mentees what was a particularly useful piece of advice their mentor gave them, and plan to create a blog in that vein when it hits a critical mass (we have a large cohort this time so I think that might be next round). Thank you, John! :) 

Insights into mentoring from WANBAM

I agree. Next in the production line as our capacity (hopefully) grows! I can give my intuitions based on the program on the question of:

"Local group leaders like me often have to weigh a tradeoff of whether one-off calls like 80K's or regular mentoring calls like WANBAM works better, so being able to view deeper impact data would be good!"

Commenting on the models: I would say it depends on what your program user is looking to achieve and your capacity. At WANBAM, we have experimented both with one-off calls (now combined with access to our Slack and all our events) and our standard model of an average of monthly meetings for six months. To make this concrete, if I had someone who was interested in lots of different career paths but whose plans were still in the process of developing, I might connect them to a handful of people for a one-off call and then invite them to our events.  If I have someone who is building their leadership skills with the aim of being promoted at work to management, I might connect them to one person who excels in this field to work with them over a period of six months. Essentially, capacity allowing, I work out (and this is not to say flawlessly- I am learning!) what we can concretely help with and try and tailor to do so. Thanks so much, Brian! Always happy to have a call with Group organizers if I can help :)

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