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Pulling out a quick Magnify Mentoring update from the upcoming EA Newsletter. 

  1. We have launched a database of job seekers. If you are a recruiter at an organization working on evidence-based interventions to make the world better, please reach out to us
  2. We are planning to run a pilot project to evaluate the viability and usefulness of running additional mentorship rounds targeting individuals belonging to groups typically underrepresented in our focus areas. If the pilot is successful Magnify would continue to run two rounds per year for women, nonbinary, and trans people of all genders while adding in one or two separate rounds targeted at individuals belonging to these other groups. We plan to  advertise the pilot round in December-January. We would love recommendations of potential mentors of all genders. Our one strict criteria is that mentors must be unusually kind people who are excited about supporting talented people and creating a warm and inclusive environment for everyone. Please drop us an email if you know anyone who fits this description including if you would like to become a mentor!
  3. Results from our fifth round of mentorship can be found here
  4. We are delighted to announce we have been supported by Open Philanthropy. (Alongside our incredible individual donors.)