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i think a key risk not included is that the objections to PA and AZ passed. then objections to another state could've been passed. that would've meant it went to a contingent election. that would've been decided by the House delegations of each state, each state decided by 1 vote. the Reps controlled 26. though Liz Cheney probably would've voted for Biden. so there would be a stalemate 25-25. that would mean Nancy Pelosi would become President.

now that Liz Cheney is out, it would mean Trump becomes President.

many - i believe most - Republicans in the House voted to object. A fair amount in the Senate too. There would be more next time.

this is covered in Jamie Raskin's book "Unthinkable."

DMI is an excellent organization and the model for our overall approach. We’re committed to avoiding duplication of work and will not operate in countries DMI plans to scale to. FEM is distinct in our:
- Focus:  we’re entirely focused on family planning, which is the cause area on which we think we can have highest impact
- Location: we’re operating in Nigeria, where there is high unmet need for family planning and affordable air time rates
- Maturity : we’re a young organization, testing a lean staffing model and experimenting with new methods for assessing impact

Thank you for pointing out the copying error. It should read 96 thousand deaths per year. The number has been updated in the original post.