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Hi! I’m Kristen (she/her), from the U.S. My background is in the legal system but I have not been working in that field for some time due to mental health challenges. I’m now in recovery from that and hope to help others with similar struggles. I’m also interested in helping the underprivileged access the (unjust) “justice” system and concerned with providing shelter to all in my community and beyond.


I'm not sure what publication this was in, but the claim seems to be supported here:

Loved your analogy of the plane on the runway. This describes well a feeling I've had and it can sometimes be lonely! Thanks for the important work you're doing.

Thank you, Anthony, for your very thoughtful comment. I live in a white community in the western US where there was a forced march of Indigenous people from their ancestral homeland to the reservation. Recently the local government has been renaming landmarks, including a bridge over which they were forced, with names in that language. This strikes me as something to assuage white guilt and excuse us from taking real action, like the unconditional reparations you mention. I wonder if this is in the same vein as the question you raise here.