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I am Joel Kuiayki. I am a member of EA JKUAT. I am a digital marketer by profession working in Kenya for a fintech company. I also blog, podcast, and volunteer for Taifa Teule Leadership Experience.  I enjoy adventure and learning new things. 

How I can help others

Reach out if you have any questions or need someone to brainstorm with on Marketing, Longtermism, and Governance. 


Hello Luke, 

Sorry for replying to this really late. I am currently not working on any of the ideas that I have highlighted but we have been having discussions on them with a few friends but we have not yet actioned them. I do not mind discussing them with you and maybe in future working on sth. 

Yes true it is helpful. But it is really hard to keep up at times. 

But I really get what you mean

I've just done by bio. 
Thank you for the guidelines. 
Nice to meet you all

Hello everyone, 

I am Joel Mwaura Kuiyaki from Kenya. I was introduced to the EA movement by a friend thinking it might be one of those normal lessons but I actually was intrigued and really enjoyed the first Intro sessions we had. It was what I had been looking for for a long while.

I intend to specialize in Effective giving, governance, and longtermism. 

However, I am still interested in learning more about other cause areas and implementing them.