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I am mostly writing this due to the fear I have had so recently of applying for jobs. Many of us young people just fresh out of campus and in the job search market are really afraid of whether to apply for certain jobs and if truly they might accept us. 

Yes, we might say trying is way better than never trying but at times the rejection that comes with it is just too much. As I write this I just saw my brother get rejected from a job after he was done with all the interview processes and all I could tell him is let's pick ourselves up and continue. I think it's something that we are now really used to (haha). 

But the look in his eyes really told me he wasn't so pleased. I may not have known any other way to handle that situation but I really hope that one day it might work out for all of y'all after all those trials. 

You deserve the best. 




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Some useful advice I was once given:

->Try and apply to enough jobs / opportunities so that when the rejection letters / emails come in you no longer remember applying 

I hope this is somewhat helpful!

Yes true it is helpful. But it is really hard to keep up at times. 

But I really get what you mean

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